Individual Giving Survey 2012 Supplement Findings

By NVPC Knowledge & Insights Team  /
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This survey supplement seeks to gain additional insights into volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore in a bid to encourage the growth of a caring and engaged community.

Key findings


  1. Most employees would participate in volunteering activities if employers organised them but only 1 in 4 employees said their employers had organised such activities in the past 12 months;
  2. Ability to choose the volunteer activity greatly encouraged employees’ participation in employer-organised volunteer activities. 


  1. Most donors usually decided which organisations to donate to only when asked;  
  2. Donors who approached organisations on their own donated the highest amounts, compared to those who responded to charity requests.

Public Confidence and Perceptions

  1. Public confidence in charities remains high;
  2. Most people agreed NPOs play a major role in making our communities better places to live in but only half agreed that NPOs manage volunteers and donated funds properly. Those who agreed gave more time and money.