Individual Giving Survey 2012 Findings

By NVPC Knowledge & Insights Team  /
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This survey measures individual giving in terms of volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore. Key objectives are to determine extent of individual giving of time and money, profile givers and study their behaviors and motivations, and inform policy.

Key findings                                                        


  1. Volunteer participation at record high of 32.3% (23.3% in 2010);            
  2. While total volunteer hours: 91 million (89 million in 2010), the average volunteer hours fell to 72 (104 in 2010);
  3. A major reason for volunteer growth was the large increase in informal volunteers, with 1 in 3 volunteers serving informally only  (1 in 10 in 2010);
  4. Volunteers continued to prefer occasional volunteering, with 7 in 10 volunteers volunteering occasionally (1 in 2 in 2010).                                            


  1. Donor participation rose to 91% (85% in 2010);
  2. Total donation amounts rose marginally to S$1.10 billion (S$1.07 billion in 2010);
  3. Donors continued to prefer occasional giving, however regular donors gave 2-3 times more money than occasional donors;
  4. Those who earn below S$1,000 gave the highest proportion of income: 1.8%, while those who earned S$5,000 to S$5,999 donated the lowest proportion: 0.5%.