Based on a True Story

By Chai Yee Wei

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Roman Catholic nun Sister Gerard Fernandez became a death row counsellor after Catherine Tan was sentenced to hang. Catherine Tan was one of the two holy wives of the infamous Adrian Lim – a spirit medium whose outrageous story of sex, rituals and rites shocked the entire nation.

Sister Gerard visited and counseled Catherine every step of the way – until Catherine walked to the gallows in her final moments.

This film is inspired by Sister Gerard Fernandez, who was a pioneer in death row counselling. She co-founded the Roman Catholic Prison Ministry. When asked why she counsels doomed prisoners, her answer is always: “The condemned need hope. We may condemn them, but God condemns no one.”

Rated NC16

The film is dedicated to 70x7

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70×7 is an initiative within Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) that promotes restorative justice. It is the non-religious arm of PFS. Our services and programmes serve the community of families and individuals in the Singapore prison system and seek to reconcile love and justice.

Would you like to learn more about prison rehabilitation in Singapore?

About the film director

chai wee wei

Chai Yee Wei has written/co-written and directed 4 feature films – “Blood Ties”, “Twisted”, “That Girl In Pinafore” and “The Voice of China – I Want You”. He also founded Mocha Chai Laboratories (MCL), Singapore’s first boutique digital film lab specialising in Digital Cinema Package-related services, to help transition filmmakers to digital content delivery at cinemas. MCL also opened the first and only Dolby Atmos certified facility in Singapore and collaborates with partners like HBO Asia, IFW, Apple, Golden Village, mm2 Entertainment, and more.

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