Giving Scenarios

How might Singapore look like in 2030, and where is the place of Giving in it?

This report explores two plausible future scenarios based on the intersection of macro-level shifts and an evolving giving environment.   

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The two divergent futures — Cliffs and Isles — play on two fundamental sources of fracture in society: economic fragmentation and social disintegration. Neither utopian nor dystopian.  Each carries its own promises and perils, presenting vastly different giving environments.  

Who is the Giving Scenarios 2030 for?

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You can read this report on its own, or in conjunction with the Futures of Giving 2021 trends report.  Together, they aim to inform strategic and operational decisions by your stakeholders in the giving space, including but not limited to funders, policymakers, non-profits, community groups and intermediary bodies.   

What is Giving Scenarios 2030 for?

While no decision will ever be entirely future-proof, we hope an appreciation of alternative scenarios can provide you and your stakeholders with a common vocabulary and framework to co-create convergent pathways towards a more caring and cohesive society. 

How can you use Giving Scenarios 2030?

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You can read the Scenarios and use the Immersion and Reflection Questions to guide your thinking on their strategic implications. Our personal recommendation is to bring the Scenarios to live through an interactive role-playing Scenario Workshop, guided by our Game Masters with a customized workshop kit. 

To elevate your Board/Management, Leadership Groups, and cross-organizational team retreats to the next level with the Scenarios Workshop, reach out to the NVPC Scenarios Team!