Ali Baba

Based on a True Story

By Randy Ang

indian man in plaid shirt and two soldiers crawling through grass
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News reporter Augustine discovers that an injured migrant worker has been left for dead by his employer in a forest. At a time when stories on migrant workers were untold, Augustine challenges convention in the newsroom.

​This film is based on the true story of Augustine Pang and other Singaporean journalists who covered the plight of migrant worker Mohd Bashar. Their stories prompted an outpouring of donations and gifts to Bashar.

Rated PG

The film is dedicated to HealthServe

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HealthServe seeks to meet the needs of the migrant workers in our community through the provision of medical care, counselling, case work, social assistance, and other support services. Since 2006, they have developed partnerships with regulatory authorities, agencies, schools and corporate organisations to initiate public health awareness programs and research projects.

Would you like to learn more about migrant rights in Singapore?

About the film director

moustached young man in black jacket standing in front of a red brick wall

Randy Ang is based in Singapore. He was named one of the top directors and producers by Monocle Magazine in 2009. His short film, “Ayam Man”, won the Best Motion Picture at the Cathay Movie Awards in 2013. His directed two feature films – his debut crime thriller, “re:solve” (2014) and “1965” (2015). Before directing, he produced feature films, “The Days” and “Becoming Royston”. He also directs television commercials for United Overseas Bank, Singtel, amongst others.

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