One At A Time

Based on a True Story

By Daniel Yam

elderly man in bed and elderly woman sitting by his bed sewing
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Teresa Hsu was the founder and matron for Home of the Aged Sick, one of the first homes for the sick elderly in Singapore, until she was made to retire at 85. Renowned as Singapore’s own “Mother Teresa”, this short film charts her life’s turning points following retirement and what shaped her relentless story of giving.
Rated PG

The film is dedicated to Heart to Heart Service

heart to heart logo
Heart to Heart Service is a non-profit, non-government aided welfare set-up initiated by Teresa Hsu. It reaches out to the poor and needy by providing them with food and monetary assistance every month. They continue to receive contributions both in cash and kind from individual and corporate well-wishers.

Would you like to learn more about poor and sick elderly in Singapore?

About the film director

daniel yam

Daniel Yam is an award-winning filmmaker who loves to take his audience on a journey to discover the beauty of humanity. Often heart-warming and sentimental, his work champions the human spirit. Daniel’s works have been seen by more than 500 million viewers worldwide. One of Daniel’s works — short film, GIFT — has won the hearts of over 30 million viewers worldwide on various online platforms. GIFT is now subtitled in more than 10 languages and has travelled the world and won acclaim at numerous international film festivals.

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