People Of Good

People Who Care, and Act For Others

Little acts, when multiplied by millions, can make a world of difference towards Singapore becoming the City of Good.

All of us were born to be good, and to do good. If our mindsets shift toward being more other-centred, we will realise that every person matters and each one of us can make a difference to others in so many ways, large and small. 

Together, let us become the #CityofGood!

Meet the People of Good

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Loved for his feel-good music, Yung Raja spreads positivity through his initiative, Maharaja. By partnering and Food Bank Singapore, he fundraised over $6,400 to provide meals for migrant workers. 

Meet Selena Tan, Managing Director of Dream Academy and a passionate advocate of SG Cares Giving Week. She believes that anyone can give back and make a difference – no matter how big, or how small.

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We would like to thank our City of Good venue and media partners: Cathay, Dream Academy, Mediacorp, *SCAPE Singapore, Singapore Pools, Suntec City

Donate, volunteer and fundraise with – Singapore’s largest online giving platform, as we make giving fun, simple and meaningful for you. Kickstart your giving journey, explore 14 causes with over 500 different local charities and give to the causes you’re passionate about today.

SG Cares Giving Week is a national movement that celebrates the spirit of giving and seeks to make giving part of our way of life. It is a time when brands, non-profits and people give and share their Time, Talent, Treasure and Voice to support any cause they are passionate about in all ways, big and small.

two girls volunteering at dog shelter
Play Video – Kids Try Volunteering at an Animal Shelter

In our 2-part 'Little Humans of' series, we send Kylie and Megan to find out more about different causes in Singapore. Join them as they discover more about volunteering with animals at SPCA // SUPPORT ANIMAL WELFARE //

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[Giving.Sg – Giftstarter] Give Meaningfully This Christmas

$20 can't buy you much... or can it? Rather than spend your holiday gifts budget on something generic, here are some ways you could give more meaningfully this Christmas. A small donation from you, a merrier Christmas for all.

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