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community forum 2020 session 20 slides what does it mean to build 'community'

What does it mean to “build” community?

Wed, 18 Nov, 8-930pm

Community building has become a buzzword. But what does it even mean to build community? What is community and who builds it? Who is responsible for building it? What is community work and what do community builders do? What approach is ideal to take and what space should we stand in to do community work?

In this session, we will explore how communities are being “built”, shaped, created, connected, and stifled by social services and within civil society. Join in this conversation as we unpack these terms, debunk some myths, and discuss alternatives.

community forum 2020 session 16 slides community to movement what drives the action

Community to Movement: What Drives the Action?

16 November, Monday, 8.00 - 9.30 pm

How & when does a community become a movement?

Through a sharings and Q&As with pioneers and key members of various communities, this session will delve into the journeys taken by these communities to discover what makes a community a movement. We’ll hear from the pioneers who saw what others did not see and put a spotlight on it, involving other people along the way to take action for a common good.


  • Jaipal, SPCA
  • Jen, Hopeful
  • Jenny, Please Stay Movement & Stigma To Strength
  • Kitson, Masks Sewn With Love
  • Wally, #BraveheartSG


Tips and Tricks to get to know your neighbours

Tips and Tricks to get to know your neighbours

7 November 2020, Saturday
3 PM to 4.30 PM

Ever thought about getting to know your neighbours? But not sure where or how to begin? Then you think to yourself, sigh, where got time? There’s school, work, family, friends, relationship and many other things! When, where, why, how to participate? Even if I go for a neighbourhood event, I’ll be alone and what if it’s awkward?

In this session, we’ll hear stories of 4 ordinary people of different backgrounds and ages and their unique experiences joining in and getting involved with their different neighbourhoods.