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Low Income
Space in Singapore

Key insights to guide your giving

Financial Distress

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0 %

of low-income households surveyed face challenges in paying off their debts.1

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Indebted households
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Not indebted

Low Wage Work and Retirement Adequacy

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There are
full-time employed residents aged 15 & over who earn less than $1,000 per month from work (Excluding Employer CPF).1
Among them, 21% (5,900) are aged 60 years and above.1
There are also over
individuals earning less than $1,000 who are on part-time employment-either by choice, nature of job or extraneous circumstances.2

Inequality in Child Development and Education

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0 %
0 %
of children from families with per capita income of up to $450 show delays in functioning skills that can be fostered through sustained parent-child interaction.1

Caregiver Support

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are not working due to housework and caregiving responsibilities.1



have quit their jobs for housework and caregiving.1


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homeless people were observed to be sleeping in public spaces across Singapore.1

Amongst 88 rough sleepers interviewed, 1 in 3 had been homeless for 6 years or more.1

Housing Vulnerable Families

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There are about
households living in public rental flats in 2020.1,2
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About 60% are headed by persons aged 55 and above.3
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About 90% had a household income of $1,500 or less at the point where they requested for a rental flat.4

Lack of Social Participation in the Community

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On average, Singaporeans name about
0 contacts
with whom they exchange social support. 1
However, people who live in public housing name

less than 1 contact

who live in private housing as part of their social network.1

Food Insecurity and Poor Nutrition

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0 %
of the 236 survey participants receiving any form of food support were from one-room rental HDB flats.1

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The information provided on this page is as of 26 November 2020.