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Intern, Community Partnerships

Team Information

The Community Partnerships team contributes to NVPC’s vision of Singapore where individuals, Organisations and Leaders come together to give their best for others by nurturing communities of purpose.

We nurture Communities of Purpose by inspiring and supporting community leaders on their journey & convene and connect community leaders to learn from and collaborate with each other.

Desired outcomes of the team include:

  • Community Leaders to develop People of Good within communities that contribute to the City of Good
  • Community Leaders gain a deeper understanding on community development, clarity on their work, and learn applicable insights from others to strengthen their own communities
  • New connections formed between communities in different sectors, seeding opportunities for future collaboration
  • Sharing stories, knowledge, insights and strategies for building strong communities in Singapore towards our City of Good
  • Community members able to understand their role in shaping communities of purpose, and be able to identify ways they can collaborate with, contribute to and bridge the different communities that they are a part of


During the internship, the intern will be involved in supporting the content, events and partnership strategy of the Community Partnerships Team. This includes developing and executing the Community Leadership Series, Podcast, Content Creation, Roundtables & Networking events.

The intern will engage with and/or interview community leaders, write community feature pieces (articles, social media posts, TikTok videos/reels), develop programmes and facilitate discussions during events.

Learning Opportunities

  • The opportunity to learn more about communities and community leaders you are interested in!
  • The chance to meet and learn from inspiring and insightful community leaders in Singapore and to showcase the good work that they do
  • Wider landscape understanding of communities and community development in Singapore
  • Tangible contributions to the nurturing giving caring communities in Singapore through events and workshops
  • Partnerships and administrative work such as stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Content creation, programme design, facilitation & event planning experience


Intern #1

  • Programme development and execution of Community Leadership Series events
  • Partnership engagement for Community Leadership Series
  • Publicity for Community Leadership Series
  • Codification and analysis of insights from the Community Leadership Series
  • Creation of post-event content
  • Production support for Community Leadership Podcast
  • Support the successful execution of Community Partnership events and projects


  • Programme design, publicity and execution of Community Leadership Series
  • Content insights piece(s) – articles and social media posts — from Community Leadership Series and Community Leaders engagements
  • Contribution and support for Content Creation with Content Agencies


Intern #2

  • Engagement of Community Leaders
  • Notetaking, drafting long form and short form content based on interviews with community partners
  • Speaker engagement and management for Community Leadership Series
  • Support colleagues with Community Partnerships Events
  • Assist with programme design and publicity for Community Partnerships roundtables and networking events
  • Creation of social media content


  • Meetings with at least 10 community leaders that uncover challenges and best practices
  • Written features showcasing various communities/ community leaders (such as articles, IG, FB, LinkedIn posts)
  • Short video content (tiktok/reels) showcasing lesser-known communities and non-profits in Singapore
  • Production support for content projects, Community Leadership Podcast and Uncover Nonprofits Podcast
  • Successful Speaker Engagement, Management and Sharings for Community Leadership Series
  • Summarizing of insights from events
  • Facilitation support for Community Leadership Series


  • Passionate about some community(ies) they are active in
  • Strong interest in different communities and understanding how they operate
  • Outgoing, comfortable with interacting with new people from different communities
  • Someone who is curious, takes initiative and pride in the work that they do.
  • Strong writing, analysis and communication skills
  • Events, programme design and facilitation experience
  • Active social media user/ content creator

Internship period: Early August onwards (Minimum of 3 months)

Job Category: Centre for Non-Profit Leadership
Job Type: Interns

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