6 Youths Making A Difference in Singapore

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Youth Day serves as a good reminder that we are never too young to make a difference. Often, we believe that we may only take action towards our passions when we are older. These youths prove that no matter what age you are, you can start contributing in your own unique ways!

1. Hannah, From Vulnerable Mentee to Inspiring Mentor

Above: Hannah actively mentors other youths facing difficult situations.

With the support of Beautiful People, Hannah has blossomed from a vulnerable teenage mentee to a young, inspiring mentor for youths facing difficult situations. She now co-leads the Young Leaders programme, empowering and nurturing youths to be active changemakers. 

She has also been actively involved as a volunteer in organisations such as the National Youth Council for Young Changemakers and Youth Advisory Group for National Committee of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism, curating projects and initiatives to better the community. 

Hannah now looks to a very bright future, intending to pursue a study in social work, in addition to her advanced diploma in counselling psychology. She aspires to be a social worker to help children-in-need and nurture their potential to become next-generation leaders. 

“It is very fulfilling to be a changemaker, to be there giving mentees the hope they need, believing that life will get better,” Hannah reflects.

2. Aanya Rao, Bridging Art and Healthcare

Art:Connect's digital workshop hosted by Aanya
Above: Aanya (top left) and fellow volunteers showcase their art. 

Art is Aanya’s safe space – an outlet for her emotions during difficult times of her life. In 2020, she started her initiative, Art:Connect, to connect youths with artistic talent to healthcare, providing a creative platform for youths to display their art in healthcare centres. 

The 14-year-old hopes to integrate art in the process of healing while also creating a cheerful environment for patients, residents and staff in healthcare centres and nursing homes. 

Aanya believes that there is more to be done to make her dream into reality. “I may not be the first one to implement this, but I definitely shouldn’t be the last.”

3. Project R.I.C.E+, Uniting Across Schools to Give Back

The team behind PR2021
Above: Students from National University of Singapore and ITE College East work together as Project R.I.C.E.+ to give back to the community.

Albeit coming from different backgrounds and walks of life, these youths found common ground in making a difference in the community. The initiative, known as Project R.I.C.E+, was founded in 2008 by the Singapore Management University’s Red Cross Youth Chapter. 

Now, a team of 23 Red Cross youths from the National University of Singapore and ITE College East are working to bring food and daily essentials to vulnerable individuals and families in Singapore.

In 2020, Project R.I.C.E.+ was able to support more than 6,800 households and 13,400 individuals amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This time around, Project Director Jerrold and his team of committed youth are working collectively with partners and sponsors to bring a warm smile to those who need it most. With the strong support from sponsors, partners and the public, Project R.I.C.E+ aims to make a greater impact on more lives in our community!

4. Co-Founders of Hatch, Transforming The Future of Education

The trio of good from Hatch - Liying, Wan Qing and Victor
Above: The trio of good from Hatch, Liying, Wan Qing and Victor.

Victor, Wan Qing and Liying believe that all youths, regardless of their backgrounds, can achieve career growth if provided with the right resources. Thus, they co-founded Hatch to empower individuals to reach their full potential, helping them believe that they can do so much more than settle for something that they are not passionate about.

Hatch is on a mission to build a future of education that is more empathetic and equitable by curating effective train-and-place programs and adopting an intentional approach to tackling systemic barriers. 

The trio aspires to do more for society. They hope to multiply their efforts and develop as many youths as they can.

5. Jolisa, Protecting Singapore’s Pristine Waterways 

Above: Jolisa from Waterways Watch Society

While pursuing a diploma in Aerospace Avionics at Republic Polytechnic, Jolisa realised that she wanted to step out of her comfort zone to try something new and different. So, she applied for an internship with Waterways Watch Society (WWS) through the Youth Corps Singapore’s internship programme. 

She shares, “The Waterways Watch Society’s mission is to educate people to take ownership of our waterways and environment. During my 6 months with them, I realised that I have a huge interest in social work.” Now, Jolisa works full-time with WWS, and loves waking up each day knowing that she is contributing to making Singapore a greener and sustainable home for all!

6. Adrianz and Selly, Young Artistes Who Volunteer Their Skills

adriselly kid
Above: 14-year-old Selly (left) and 15-year-old Adrianz (right) volunteered to help facilitate arts and dance workshops for children’s charities!

Over the circuit breaker period in 2020, two talented youths volunteered their time to enrich children in various fun and engaging ways. Through the 10 Square Youth’s multi-disciplinary programme, they assisted with facilitating art and dance workshops for children’s charities. 

Adrianz, 15, seized this opportunity to share his passion for dance with others. “I got to interact with new people, both young and old, from backgrounds. It was a way of passing on what I learned and grew to love.” 

Selly, 14, was surprised by how happy she felt when using her skills to share the art of caricature. “The children smiled and laughed as they were making their own. It was an eye-opening experience and felt gratifying.” This year, Selly continues to share her passion as an assistant stage manager in a digital theatre production, adding her splash of colour to the arts scene in Singapore.

Inspired by these youths? You can find a cause that you are passionate about. Explore www.giving.sg to get started!