Celebrate Singapore By Giving Back To These 5 Charities This National Day!

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As we gear up to paint the city red and white on National Day, let’s add an extra splash of fun and joy with the spirit of contributing back to society! Beyond the dazzling fireworks and parades, this special occasion calls for something even more extraordinary – coming together as a community to make a difference.

From supporting the local sports scene to the elderly in Singapore, there are countless ways to show our love for this little red dot. So, join the nation in making National Day an unforgettable celebration of compassion, unity, and giving back, leaving no one behind and proving once again that we are stronger when we support each other!

To start off, here are 5 charities you can support this National Day!

Empower Intellectually Disabled Athletes

Sports 1 2

Celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and support our athletes with Special Olympics Singapore! Empowering athletes with intellectual disabilities through sports, they embody the nation’s spirit of acceptance, inclusion, and more sporting success stories for all.

Special Olympics Singapore’s commitment to providing year-round sports training and athletic competitions ensures that these remarkable athletes have continuous opportunities to develop their abilities, physical fitness, experience joy, and form meaningful connections with their families, fellow athletes, and the wider community.

Celebrate National Day by giving back to the community and championing the cause of Special Olympics Singapore. Join in the celebration of joy and resilience and uplift our athletes!

Rehabilitate and Rehome Animals

Animal Welfare 1

Calling all animal lovers! Let’s spread compassion to our furry friends by considering adoption or feeding a pet from Voices for Animals (VFA). This non-profit is dedicated to giving retired breeding dogs, cats, and rabbits a second chance at life through rehabilitation and rehoming.

VFA operates primarily through the dedication of volunteers, striving to act as the Voices for Animals, telling their stories and actively engaging in rescue missions, stray feeding, and finding loving homes for them.

Show your support for Voices of Animals and be a part of their mission to provide a brighter future for our beloved animal companions.

Giving A Future To Our Past

Heritage 1

The Singapore Heritage Society (SHS) recognises heritage as the living presence of our past, a crucial part of our identity and growth. By cherishing social memories across generations and protecting the spaces that hold significance, we reinforce the social bonds that unite us as a nation.

SHS actively engages in rediscovering forgotten histories like Bukit Brown and Tanjong Malang, both rich in cultural significance. They also work towards sustaining living heritage like Pulau Ubin and promoting the cultural authenticity and vibrancy of places like Chinatown.

Join hands with SHS to safeguard our heritage, embrace Singapore’s unique and diverse past, and ensure it remains an integral part of our shared future!

Championing Clean Waters, Preserving Environment

Environment 1

Have you seen litter floating around in our rivers and seas? Join Waterways Watch Society, an independent volunteer group dedicated to nurturing love for our water and inspiring environmental stewardship.

Volunteers from Waterways Watch Society embark on weekly environmental patrols, exploring Marina Reservoir, Punggol, and Jurong by foot, bicycle, kayaks, and boats. They also conduct educational volunteer-in-action programmes, even for preschoolers!

Let’s come together to learn about our waterways’ interconnectivity and support Waterways Watch Society’s efforts to keep our waters pristine and protected. Embrace the spirit of community and environmental responsibility as we cherish our nation’s precious resources.

Uplifting Lives, Embracing Humanity

Red Cross 1

Celebrate National Day by making a difference through Singapore Red Cross Society’s compassionate initiatives, which aims to alleviate human suffering and safeguard lives and dignity.

Their impactful efforts include extending a helping hand to the elderly and disabled from low-income homes, ensuring access to vital medical treatments, rehabilitation, and day care centres; providing monthly rations of nutritious food to those in need within our community; and offering long-term residential, respite, and day care services for children and adults facing severe multiple physical and mental disabilities.

Let’s stand together and show the true spirit of compassion and unity by supporting Singapore Red Cross Society’s invaluable efforts. Together, we can bring hope and comfort, forging a more resilient and caring society that reflects the heart and soul of our beloved nation!

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