Because what better way to learn about doing good than from corporate givers themselves at the Company of Good Community Series?

Company of Good Community Series comprises learning sessions hosted by organisations to share experiences and exchange ideas on corporate giving and other topics. This is an initiative that is by the community, for the community, and allows Company of Good members to host, learn and collaborate with one another.

From cyber-wellness in youths to impact investment – we’ve hit cloud nine with nine Community Series sessions hosted by nine different organisations! Check out our highlights from the year:

At our first Community Series by SingPost, participants went into breakout groups, hearing not just from SingPost on their corporate giving but from their non-profit partners on how corporate giving initiatives can support Singapore’s ageing population better.

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RCMA Group’s Community Series revolved around Inclusive Sports and how organisations can get in on the action – not just to get out and play, but to break down stereotypes of persons with disabilities through sports.

Quest Ventures’ Managing Partner James Tan kicking off the fourth Community Series, on the topic of impact investment and frameworks that any organisation can use in measuring their impact and planning out their respective giving initiatives.

Broken? We think not! At Standard Chartered Bank’s Community Series, participants heard on the elderly in Singapore and the potential of volunteerism as a way to empower the elderly to take charge and live their lives the way they want, growing a larger support system for themselves and finding new meaning in life through helping others.

Cyber-wellness and digital literacy – a skill that is growing in importance, and in the sixth Community Series, Singtel and partner DQ Institute shared more about the landscape of cyber-wellness in Singapore and the region, and how it affects different demographics, from youths to the elderly.

The Cognizant Community Cafe brought together individuals from all walks of life to discuss different aspects of digital inclusion – from making banking accessible to elderly, to supporting SMEs in a rapid-growth digital age, and even using new technologies like AR and VR to improve lives.

“In the future of work, automation and new technologies will save costs, so how can we translate these cost savings into reinvestments in people? Work will no longer be about productivity gains, but about innovation and care.” – one of the many wise words we took away from the eighth Community Series with Maybank, which looked at issues in employability and livelihoods – not just in Singapore but the developing ASEAN region.

Giving with Impact – the theme of PwC Singapore’s Community Series, as organisations heard on how to count the numbers that truly matter to society.