Invitation for Tender – Creative & Media Agency Services for NVPC

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Tender Reference Number: TBREFNO/NV&_48/300321/1

You are invited by National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (hereinafter referred to as “NVPC”) to submit a tender for the supply of goods and/or services mentioned above.

[Update 19 April 2021] Please note that a Corrigendum regarding the extension of the closing date for submissions has been posted. Please refer to the Corrigendum section below for further details.

Tender Documents

The invitation to Tender Comprises of the following Tender Documents:

  1. Invitation to Tender covering letter;
  2. Part 1 – Instructions to Tenderers
  3. Part 2 – Conditions of Contract
  4. Part 3 – Requirement Specifications
  5. Part 4 – Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria
  6. Part 5 – Form of tender
  7. Part 6 – Price Schedule
  8. Part 7 – Confidentiality and Data Protection Undertaking
  9. Annex C – Statement of Compliance to Requirement Specifications
  10. Annex D – Tenderer’s Particulars
  11. Annex E – Track Records
  12. Annex F – City of Good Campaign Brief
  13. Annex G – SG Cares Giving Week Campaign Brief

The scope and nature of this tender are specified in Part 3 – Requirement Specifications.

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

Your Tender will be evaluated based on the Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria, as explained in Part 4 – Evaluation Criteria, in the Requirement Specifications.

Collection of Tender Documents

Interested tenderers are to register on NVPC’s e-Procurement website (TenderBoard) to request for access to the tender documents. The tender document will be provided to interested tenderers between 1 April 2021 and 28 April 2021 in the form of PDF. 

Tender submission instructions

Submission of Tender

Tender documents are to be submitted electronically in PDF format via NVPC’s e-Procurement website (TenderBoard) from 1 April 2021 onwards.

Tenderers must submit their Tender Offers by the Closing date, which is at 12.00 noon, on 28 April 2021 (refer to Corrigendum #1). Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Tenderers are advised to refer to Paragraph 5 of Part 1 – Instructions to Tenderers for details on submission of tender and Part 3 – Tender Specification on Submission of Proposal for documents to be included in the Tender Submission.

The following documents need to be submitted as part of your tender offer:

  1. Part 5 – Form of Tender;
  2. Part 6 – Price Schedule;
  3. Part 7 – Confidentiality and Data Protection Undertaking;
  4. Proposal for Creative & Media Agency Services for NVPC;
  5. Annex C – Compliance Statement;
  6. Annex D – Tenderer’s Particulars; and
  7. Annex E – Track Records – Relevant track records and project references for the past 3 years displaying capabilities and experience in providing services of similar requirement specifications of this tender.

If there are any changes or amendments to the tender documents or any response to clarifications requested by Tenderers before the closing date for submission, notification will be given through the publication of a Corrigendum to the Tender Notice through NVPC’s e-Procurement website (TenderBoard) and/or the NVPC Website at

Tenderers are advised to check NVPC’s e-Procurement website (TenderBoard) and/or the NVPC Website at for any Corrigendum/Addendum which is issued prior to the Tender Closing Date before submitting their tenders. Acknowledgement of receipt by tenderers is not required as any published Corrigendum/Addendum is deemed to form part of the Invitation of Tender.

NVPC does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any Tender Offers.


Any queries regarding this Invitation to Tender should be made directly to Mr Jansen Quek, Manager – Finance, at [email protected].

All such questions regarding the tender will be answered by addenda addressed to all Tenderers through posting of a Corrigendum/Addendum by 14 April 2021, 12.00 pm. All addenda issued during the tender period will be incorporated into the Contract.


Corrigendum #1 – Extension of Date of Submission of Bids

Please note that the closing date for submission of bids for the tender has been extended to 28 April 2021, 12 pm.


  1. Akin by Techlyon Pte Ltd
  2. BIG 3 MEDIA Pte Ltd
  3. BZNZ Singapore Pte Ltd
  4. ED&C
  5. Eysy Digital Pte Ltd
  6. Hamilton & Sherwind Pte Ltd
  7. LH.M Advertising Pte Ltd
  8. Pico Art International Pte Ltd
  9. SMACC. Marketing Pte Ltd
  10. Splash Productions Pte Ltd
  11. Starlight Advertising Pte Ltd
  12. VaynerMedia APAC Pte Ltd
  13. Xodbox Pte Ltd

Awarded Tenderer

VaynerMedia APAC Pte Ltd