All it takes is a tiny act to spark a huge change.

To you and me, $10 could mean just three plates of cai fan. But for three underprivileged kids, $10 can translate to three nutritious meals to give them energy for the day. Two hours might be time spent at a karaoke session with your friends, but a day of unforgettable companionship to an elderly person.

We want to know what giving means to you. That’s why with some help from our friends at Carblicity, Clear Channel and Moove Media, you can now take a little trip around Singapore Town in a Giving bus, train or car!

We hope that these buses, trains and cars will encourage you to think about what the value of giving is to you. Plus, by sharing with us your thoughts, you could win some limited edition swag! Here’s how:

  1. From now until 31 July 2018 (2359 GMT+8), take a picture with one of our adverts
  2. Post your picture on social media (Facebook or Instagram) and tell us what giving means to you
  3. Hashtag #Givingsg and #CityofGood

*Please make sure your posts and/or account is public, so we can see it!

In the spirit of giving back, we’ll help you with the first step. This is where you can spot our adverts:

All aboard the Giving Train!

Downtown Line


Catch our Giving Train on the Downtown Line, running from now till 15 August. Don’t forget to look down for our floor stickers, and tell us who you stand for!

Take A Trip on our Giving Bus

Bus 18, 90, 99, 135, 852


Our 5 Giving Buses will be on the roads until 9 August. See if you can spot them! And if you have double the luck, you’ll see our bus stop ads, at over 150 locations around the island, while waiting for your bus too.

Driving for Change

50 private cars


50 of Carblicity’s drivers have volunteered their cars to be giving ambassadors by decking them out with our ads. They’ll be on the roads until 30 August, so give a wave if you see them!