Welcome Remarks by Mrs Mildred Tan, Chaiman, NVPC, at Champions of Good 2018, 16 Nov 2018

Guest-of-Honour Minister for Finance, Mr Heng Swee Keat was joined by 200 C-suite executives at the conferment luncheon, held at the Ritz-Carlton.

Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Finance,

Ms Sim-Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Distinguished guests, NVPC board members, Esteemed partners of NVPC, Champions of Good panel of judges, Ladies and gentlemen,

I am inspired to see such a diverse group of leaders from business, both large and small and the public service organizations. These 60 Champions today from professional services, finance and insurance, hospitality, retail, and education industries, are selected from more than 1,200 organisations in the Company of Good network.

We are deeply honored to welcome you.


You are here because you understand that change and progress are possible with vision and ambition to build a culture of Good in your organization and company and a belief that you can make a difference to Singapore and the community we live in.

Your actions count.

We need you as our Champions of Good to blaze ahead with innovative ideas to help craft our future – our City of Good.

I am particularly happy to see a large representation of women leaders today.

We live in changing and challenging times but the life values of caring and sharing with others remain unchanged.

It is not just the beneficiaries who benefit but I do believe that many of our companies and government organizations also benefit from their Giving. I believe a new narrative needs to evolve in our society where truly giving becomes a way of life.

From SMEs like GreenPac, GEX Ventures, TSMP, The Nail Social, to large enterprises like Neo Group, and Cognizant – everyone has a role to play. And our Champions seated here today show that it’s not a matter of size, resources, or power, but the will to make a difference in our community, and the persistence to do so.

This corporate stewardship journey can be pursued with vigour with the Leaders and CEOs – and by all of society.

Every Champion knows that giving is not a solo journey – and by using their giving as a platform to connect with partners and beneficiaries, they have become advocates and multipliers of good.

We must act for the common good – so get others to join you !

A young but very wise young girl once said to me Doing Good is the Business of Every organization. I carry that as a Mantra as a Belief.

Champions of Good Driving Corporate Stewardship and Social Impact

This year, we recognise 60 organizations as Champions of Good, and I am thrilled to welcome so many new faces.

We congratulate you on taking on the mantle of giving leadership and embracing business as a force for good.

You are now truly in the league of giving Champions, and the only way from here is to inspire others.

Let us also acknowledge the 31 companies who are now two-time Champions.

We applaud you for sustaining the giving momentum and continuing to build on last year’s achievements.

It is nothing short of impressive that you have made corporate giving a priority and we hope that you will continue to grow your network of good – we can learn much from you as well.

What counts is the organisation culture that celebrates not just compassion and empathy, but also innovation and resilience.

I call on you today, as leaders, to cultivate these values and encourage your teams to be creative – to incorporate technology as a tool for amplification, and not be afraid to venture into unexplored territory.

No idea is too small, or challenge too great, especially when we can come together and solve them.


The Champion of Good awards embodies the spirit of shared responsibility that is essential for achieving a better world.

CEOs are beginning to see a direct link between corporate social responsibility and the bottom line.

In short, business can no longer ignore its social and corporate responsibilities. We will need business to play a leading role.

As our Champions go forth and inspire other organisations to greatness, we can only expect the pool of corporate givers in Singapore to grow in the years to come. Companies can move from bystanders to builders.

This year, we saw the number of applications grow by 27% over the previous cohort, and for the first time, we recognise three public agencies as Champions of Good.

More than half of this year’s Champions are second time Champions. This signals the commitment of Champions to continue their corporate giving journey.

The way forward now is to inspire others, serve as beacons of hope in our giving movement, and continue to build on your achievements. We encourage you to grow your own network of givers as well – we’ve left copies of NVPC’s newest Corporate Giving Guide outside, and we hope that you take one to pay it forward to a potential giver as well.


With that, I’d once again like to thank Minister Heng Swee Keat, for taking the time to join us today. To the Champions, my heartiest congratulations once again. Your passion and dedication serve as shining examples for us all.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to our esteemed judges for contributing their time and expertise toward the recognition of our Champions.

A special thank you goes out to the students from Pathlight School who are here to open today’s Conferment Ceremony with their talent and cheer, as well as our generous sponsors, Bynd Artisan and Tru-Marine. For our beautiful art trophies that welcomed you today, I would again like to thank watercolourist Aaron Gan, and students from the Genesis School for Special Education. They show us the beauty in working together towards a single goal.

Finally, my deepest appreciation goes to our partners, volunteers, supporters and NVPC staff for making this event possible.

Thank you to all of you for being here to celebrate our Champions.

I wish you an enjoyable lunch and a great day ahead.


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