Welcome address by Mrs Mildred Tan, Chairman, NVPC, Post-AGM networking session with Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) at Conrad Centennial Singapore, North Ballroom, Level 2, 21 June 2017, 6.30 pm

Welcome address by Mrs Mildred Tan, Chairman, NVPC at post-AGM networking session

A Splendid Evening

Distinguished Guests

Esteemed Partner, SICC, friends of NVPC

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to our networking night! I am delighted to see all of you gathered here this evening as we unwind and relax after a fruitful AGM session earlier.

First and foremost, I would like to thank SICC for the partnership with the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and their continuous support in promoting corporate giving in Singapore.  Through various engagements with SICC’s members, we have been encouraged and heartened by the keen intent of companies to give back to the community. As you may know, NVPC’s mission is to build a Giving Nation and to engender a culture of doing Good.  This culture of doing Good and Volunteerism is the cornerstone of Singapore. It is the spirit of Giving that defines who we are as Singaporeans. 

 At NVPC, we have the Company of Good programme that inspires and activates companies to do good. We empower businesses in Singapore to give holistically and impactfully. Since the launch of Company of Good last June, we saw more than 700 companies joined our network. These members have access to a suite of programmes and toolkits that help to strengthen corporate giving in Singapore.

Company of Good Fellowship

The progress has inspired us to develop the Company of Good Fellowship as more companies see themselves as a force of social good. We are happy that more companies want to conduct business more responsibly and meaningfully by giving back to the community they operate in.

Last month, we launched the first-of-its-kind Fellowship programme that develops passionate, top talents in the company with the capabilities to develop strategic, sustainable and holistic corporate giving programmes. With this, we hope to groom a community of corporate leaders who will strengthen the eco-system of giving in Singapore.

 Doing good is a “triple-edged sword” – companies can sharpen their skills, serve community need and meet bottom lines. Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals. Rather, they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.

To continue doing good, your companies can now join the second batch of Company of Good Fellowship programme when our application opens from 3rd to 21st July. We are heartened that our first intake has attracted 39 passionate candidates from small-medium enterprises to large companies to participate in this initiative. Conclusion – Call to action (Join Champions of Good and Giving Week 2017)

Another new initiative is Champions of Good. It is a status conferred annually to companies that practice good giving who are also committed to influencing and multiplying corporate giving in Singapore. Sitting among you tonight are many potential Champions of Good. Hence, we invite you to join our Champions of Good programme.

 The spirit that we want to encourage is that companies do their part to build and sustain a cohesive and collaborative society. Taking the initiative to lead, connect and influence fellow companies, Champions also look for like-minded companies, intermediaries, and NPOs to enable their work.

 Giving Week

Truly, we hope to activate the corporate givers like yourself, and the business community towards sustained, committed giving to causes that is more impactful and meaningful. Together, let’s continue to build our City of Good. This year, we are organising the Giving Week from 28 November to 5 December. Businesses can leverage on the Giving Week to engage your employees, customers and business partners to give back together. Giving comes from the heart and in many forms. Tonight, you can start from here. This hand-crafted, “Mystical Cookie” that you have received earlier (at the door) is a novel part of Giving Week this year. What is unique about it – every cookie bag comes with a creative idea or activity for Giving Week, something simple, meaningful and easy for you to explore. For example, organising a charity carwash, adopting/fostering a dog from SPCA, doing busking performances to raise funds for a charity, or sponsoring meals for low-income families.

 In support of Giving Week and APSN (Association for Persons with Special Needs), a charity that runs a social enterprise bakery, we encourage you to sign up for Giving Week on the cookie tag and pass it to our NVPC staff at the booth. There are more ideas to be adopted at the booth.

 Closing thoughts

Finally, on behalf of NVPC, I would like to thank all of you for joining us in this important cause and contributing your time, talent and treasures to build the City of Good!

 I would also like to express my gratitude to SICC, our friends and partners for this successful AGM and event.

Also, thank you to CornerStone wine for the generous sponsorship of tonight’s wine.

I wish you a wonderful Wednesday ahead and may we continue to make giving Singapore’s DNA!