Welcome Address by Mrs Mildred Tan, Chairman, NVPC, at PVPA 2018 Presentation and Dinner, held at Capella Singapore


Like a circle, the pursuit of excellence has no end. Tonight, we salute 8 outstanding organizations and individuals for their unwavering commitment to service excellence to the community we call Home.

Madam Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore

Minister Grace Fu, MCCY Ms Tan Gee Keow, Permanent Secretary, MCCY

Deputy Secretaries

PVPA 2018 Winners

Distinguished guests

My fellow NVPC Board Members

Esteemed Partners and Sponsors for tonight’s event

Ladies and Gentlemen


It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to this year’s President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Awards 2018.

On behalf of NVPC, I would like to thank you Madam President for honouring us with your presence today as you continue to preside over PVPA.

As head of state, you have been an ardent champion of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community. Over the past year that you have been in office you have opened your doors to support so many activities that celebrate our everyday heroes who walk amongst us.

You epitomise volunteerism and philanthropy so that we build a more socially inclusive society. I think I speak for many when I say that you inspire all of us at NVPC and many across Singapore, to be better than who we are, to be the Best so that we can continue to pursue our mission of building a City of Good.

We congratulate each of these organizations and individuals for their ability to raise the Banner of excellence in their fields and Excellence comes from a Vision with Hard work Dedication and Determination.

I believe we need a new narrative for our Community and society where Giving is a privilege honour as well. It brings much joy to the Giver and Receiver. It’s no longer just about the beneficiaries who benefit or receive but the richness is echoed in the spirit of these organizations and individuals who receive much in their Giving.


Giving comes in many forms. Tonight we will see similarities and yet differences in the way the Judges have honoured our winners.

Eg. A Large organisation and a SME both make Giving to the community – a way of life for their employees but in different ways.

Social inclusion is one of these journeys that is important. As we progress as a society, we must not leave behind the disadvantaged and tonight we celebrate an organization where No one dies alone. We must ensure that we are consciously thinking and acting to create equal opportunities and access for individuals and groups, especially those who are more vulnerable. To that end, this individual started with a Beyond Awesome belief and not only does it take a village to raise a child but one of our Universities raised that Banner of excellence on social responsibility in the community.

Perhaps no one knows this better than the person who decided that in Singapore, we must join hands through our multicultural multiracial and multi religion backgrounds, we must walk in harmony. We cannot take things for granted.

And finally we see 2 individuals: One man one woman each from a different generation from different backgrounds standing tall inspiring others in their journeys. (I was particularly pleased when I found out that my former school principal is one such tall person!)

Tonight’s PVPA winners have shown us that Giving is a lifelong journey that leaves behind lasting impact and it shapes who we are.


I want to acknowledge and thank our panel of judges for their unenviable task of going through the very thick folders and more amazing to agree on the final list.
They are:

  • Co-chairpersons, Ms Trina Liang-Lin; and
  • NVPC’s Vice Chairperson, Mr Eugene Seow
  • Our Board Member, Mr Azmoon Ahmad
  • Mr Robert Chew
  • Dr Ming Tan
  • Ms Yvonne Tham
  • Ms Debra Soon; and
  • Mr Ronny Tan

Tonight, we are honoured to be joined by a group of special and talented friends with physical and intellectual disabilities. We have an exciting line-up of entertainment, thanks to Faith Music Centre, HushTeaBar, and Danial Bawthan, otherwise known by his moniker “Wheel Smith”. Daniel is an ultra-talented beat boxer and hip-hop artiste who has written over 40 songs. He’s an inspiration to many others with muscular dystrophy and disabilities.

We are also proud to have Florence, who is our Youth Emcee tonight. Florence is an athlete leader representing Special Olympics, a global movement using sport, health, education and leadership programmes to empower and promote inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. You will be bowled over by Florence.

If you get a chance to speak to Florence, Danial and the rest of our special guests tonight, please do. I guarantee that you will be inspired by their energy and determination. I know I am.

I also like to thank the many generous sponsors for making tonight’s event possible –

MediaCorp; Tru-marine, Aaron Gan and Yio Chu Kang Secondary School for our beautiful trophies; Keppel Care Foundation, NTUC Income Insurance Co-Operative Ltd, Harvard Singapore Foundation – Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, The Teeth and Make the Change for sponsoring scholarships for the winners of the non-profit organisation and Kampong Spirit categories; Bettr Barista, Samsui Supplies, Metta Cafe and Bynd Artisan for sponsoring the gifts, and NPE Print Communications.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Yasminne and Florence tonight, and to my NVPC team who has worked so tirelessly behind the scenes to make tonight special for all of us.

Thank you Team… you are the BEST!!


Once again, my heartiest congratulations to all our winners for PVPA – past and present.

But this is not just about PVPA. Take a moment now to look around the room tonight. We celebrate each and every one of you for being here with your own personal story.

Among you we have our past winners who continue to work tirelessly and many more who are now forging their paths and commitment to excellence. And there are those who triumph every day to overcome their daily challenges. You are winners too.

Together, we are building a growing and diverse community of givers in Singapore. Giving does not end and does not discriminate. That is the true spirit of giving. Like a circle it has no end.

I invite you to embrace this giving spirit and stories that will inspire more to come forward. Tonight, we rejoice in the echoing of kindness that will see Singapore strongly established as a City of Good!

I wish you all an enjoyable evening ahead!