You don’t have to go overseas to give back. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities in Singapore and some may be right in your own neighbourhood.

Don’t believe us? We took our rookie volunteer, Joyce Ng, 24, on an adventure of a lifetime. She travelled to the four corners of our island to try out four “Uniquely Singaporean” volunteering activities. Follow her on her giving trail below! 

It’s Not Too Far | Journey to the East

First, she  headed to Marine Parade Crescent bright and early. She knew she’d be putting her hands to good use, but she didn’t expect her fingers to turn green! 

It’s Not Too Far | Journey to the West 

Next, we took Joyce to the other end of the island, to Taman Jurong. What she thought would be an quiet afternoon spent with Gift of Reading, a ground-up movement, turned out to be a lot more chaotic than planned.

Next month, we show you what Joyce got up to in the northern and southern parts of Singapore.