Okay, so Team Singapore may not be anywhere near the World Cup finals – but there are plenty of causes we’re rooting for right here!

It’s been a World Cup of underdogs.

Who would have thought big guns like Germany and Brazil would have been sent packing already? Or that the folks who now have a shot at winning include dark horses Croatia, Belgium and England – who hasn’t sniffed a semi-final since the Soviet Union was still around?

Footie fans in Singapore will be gearing up for this Sunday’s finale. In the spirit of being cheerleaders, why not lend much-needed support to some charitable causes on home turf (aka Singapore)?

We’re talking about the causes of the environment, and arts and heritage, both of which Giving.sg is championing this month!

These causes have much in common with World Cup 2018’s underdog squads:

  • They are not groups that Singaporeans typically root for, compared to ‘traditional’ causes like the elderly and children
  • In spite of that, they’ve been climbing the “ranks” and gaining more volunteers in the past few years – though there’s much way to go!

Volunteering across different activities in Singapore


Volunteerism in green efforts, animal welfare and arts & heritage activities have increased significantly between 2014 and 2016. Source: NVPC’s Individual Giving Survey, 2016

Much like how sporting achievements give countries a sense of pride, a thriving arts, heritage and green scene builds national identity. They make Singapore feel like, well, Home.

Could we still call ourselves a Garden City if we didn’t maintain sparkling waters and lush green spaces? Would Singapore have a soul if we didn’t have a strong artistic and cultural heritage to draw from? We would have no stories to tell our kids; to teach them who they are, and where they come from.

So let’s give these causes a fighting chance. We’ve listed some campaigns with great goals you can support. Or, head straight to Giving.sg to find a squad to root for!

Don’t Wait In The Wings

Why: Why should you support our bilingual and multi-lingual theatre troops? Not only does theatre entertain and encourage reflection on social issues, plays in Singapore’s mother tongues keep our cultural traditions alive, and strike an emotional chord among those familiar with the language – smashing the stereotype that the Arts are only for English-speaking crowds.

Support these Teams!


To mark its 30th anniversary, Teater Ekamatra is raising funds to further develop Malay theatre, and its youth outreach and education programmes. Bilingual troupe The Theatre Practiceis inviting you to its upcoming gala dinner. Donate enough to secure your seat (or an entire table!) and support further the group’s bilingual and Chinese theatrical initiatives.

Go For [Green] Goals

Why: Using less plastic and ditching disposable straws don’t just reduce waste. When we care for the environment, we develop a sense of ownership and sink deeper roots into the community. It’s like the pride homeowners take in maintaining their flats – you’d never trash a place you love.

Support these Teams!


Give to the Singapore Environmental Council’s campaign to fight climate change. Or, join a programme at Muhammadiyah Welfare Home.

Make Arts & Green Spaces For Everyone

Why: Anyone should be able to enjoy our museums and parks. But the truth is, those with disabilities may find it hard to get out of their homes to visit nature reserves. Parents with special needs kids may avoid bringing them for a day out in the museum for fear that others will judge if their children “act up”.

Support these Teams!


The National Museum of Singapore has been leading the way in creating an accessible people’s museum. Its latest campaign, titled “Our Museum for All Children!” raises funds for inclusive programmes meant for typically-developing kids, and those with additional needs. The vision: For everyone to feel welcomed and enjoy local history.

You can also give to volunteer group Waterways Watch Society, which aims to purchase a boat so the differently-abled can join in its learning programmes conducted at local reservoirs.