​A rough estimate shows that online giving (from Giving.sg) is 0.3% of overall online spending in Singapore over 2016. How, then, can the charity sector keep up with its e-commerce counterpart?

Andy Sim, NVPC’s Director of Digital Innovation, and the Chief Advocate of Giving.sg, shares his vision of the online giving landscape in Singapore.

Andy, you have been with Giving.sg since its inception two years ago.

Can you describe the journey so far?

A: When we first started, people thought of Giving.sg as a portal, a place where people can come together to give. We have now evolved and are seeing Giving.sg as a platform which brings people together to rally for their chosen cause and charities.


Come 24th October…

We understand that Giving.sg is launching some brand new features and a new design on the 24th of October. Which is your favourite feature?

A: With the launch of Giving.sg’s new phase and design, users are able to create different communities with the introduction of the group module.

Tell us more about the group module.

A: The group module allows companies and informal volunteer groups or ground-up movements to be able to mobilise their members to give in the form of volunteering or fundraising for charities.

We hope to bring in different corporations, informal volunteering groups, grassroots… basically anybody and everybody! Everyone would be able to mobilise their groups to give back. We are so excited to co-create the ecosystem with the help of everyone in the community. (#SGCares)

Speaking of community…

What are your thoughts about online fundraising and the current landscape?


A: Research has shown that 50% of Singaporeans are still not familiar with online giving. However, the other half of the population who are acquainted with online giving has mentioned that they find it simply easier to give! Hence, the opportunity is huge.

Security was one barrier people faced when they give online. This is why transparency and security was one of the top priorities when we first started building the platform. Processes were put in place to ensure a high standard of safety for our givers and charities on the site.


What do you see in the future of giving in Singapore?

A: Ultimately, we want to see Giving.sg as the system of records, where anyone who signs up on Giving.sg will be able to follow their giving journey from cradle to grave.

The big difference is that we bring the needs to the community and the community comes up with solutions. Think Airbnb style collaboration but with online giving. The answers lie within the community and they are the ones who create the solution to close the gaps.

We can have people with many different lives, many different ways of giving, but all linking to a shared purpose of building a #CityofGood.


NVPC’s Director of Digital Innovation

A: Introducing my favourite motto: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The beauty of giving.sg is that you can both go far and fast by creating greater results together.

Through the habit of simple giving, I believe we can normalize the behaviour where people can start to care for each other and we plant the seeds for a culture of giving.