A road accident 14 years ago rendered Mr Lim Joo Phiau unable to walk, speak and care for himself. Since then, his elderly stepfather has taken on the respnsibility of caring for him.

All I want is for my son to be happy and healthy.


father of Mr Lim Joo Phiau

A road traffic accident in January 2003 left 38-year-old Mr Lim Joo Phiau with traumatic brain injuries. Hand gestures and facial expressions are the only mode of expression for Joo Phiau who has been unable to speak since then. Joo Phiau is also unable to walk, bathe or go to the toilet on his own and can only control his left hand to show a thumbs-up as affirmation. He cannot speak but can communicate through a mobile device, where he types in messages.

A Love which is greater than oneself

Joo Phiau relies heavily on his stepfather for his daily needs such as bathing and feeding. Because of this, Mr Kua quit his job to be his main caregiver. Last year, after all their savings were used up, Mr Kua had no choice but to seek help and support from SPD, a Community Chest supported charity.

But troubles still plague them. Age is catching up, and Mr Kua is not as fit as before with arthritis in his left knee. He also walks with a limp and cannot stand for extended periods of time due to a previous spine operation. Despite the physical strain, Mr Kua continues to care for Joo Phiau to the best of his ability.

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and in this case, it strengthens the bond between Joo Phiau and Mr Kua.