Get people and organisations to match donations made to your campaign.

You decide on the matching ratio, for instance, a dollar-for-dollar match or a 2:1 match (for every dollar donated, the matching donor contributes $2).


Matching campaigns are a great way to multiply the impact of your fundraising efforts.


Sign up for an account at Giving.sg, and create an online fundraising campaign. Here are some tips for creating an effective matching campaign:

1. Set realistic targets

Big fundraising targets can be intimidating for donors. If your matching amount is big, consider running several campaigns instead of one. So, instead of having one campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 that runs for a year, you could run four shorter ones over the year, with each having more realistic targets of $25,000.  Or you can choose a bigger match ratio, 2:1 instead of 1:1, for instance.

2. Be clear that it’s a matching campaign

Make sure this is mentioned in the campaign write-up. You can also add a ribbon to your campaign banner to indicate that it is a matching campaign.

3. Remember to donate the matched amount

When your campaign has reached its target or ended, donate the matched amount to it. The money will go directly to the charity.