Singaporeans’ history of giving inspires films on niche causes in the grand finale of 15 Shorts, and celebrates the spirit of doing good

Landmark project unveils five films by industry veterans including Eric Khoo and Kelvin Tong, alongside top YouTube star, Jian Hao Tan, featuring causes such as animal welfare, youth mental health and sports leadership

SINGAPORE, 14 January 2020 – The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), and local film company, Blue3Asia, officially launched the final five films in the landmark film anthology, 15 Shorts, at the Capitol Theatre today. First announced in 2017, 15 Shorts is a series of short films that highlights critical and emerging issues in Singapore, through compelling stories of real Singaporeans from the 70s to 90s.

The films launched today were directed by prominent local filmmakers, Eric Khoo, Kelvin Tong, and Kirsten Tan, alongside up-and-coming talents like Gladys Ng, Jian Hao Tan, Jerrold Chong and Tan Wei Ting. As a passion project for the directors, these films were created on a low-bono, non-profit basis, all in the spirit of building a City of Good. Each film was dedicated by the directors to their chosen charity on, and broadened the giving narrative for Singapore by featuring niche issues such as animal welfare, youth mental health, sports leadership and heritage conservation.  

All 15 films represent issues that are part of Singapore’s national giving identity and remain relevant today. The films will hopefully serve as a catalyst for people to be more other-centred and show acts of kindness and care in their daily lives. The last five films will be available on the 15 Shorts website from 14 January, 9.30pm, and can be shared freely on all online platforms.

“Film makers and storytellers have the ability to shed light on lesser known stories and amplify them in ways that touch the hearts of masses and give insight into what the future may hold. It has been an uplifting journey for the producers, filmmakers and cause champions to discover and bring to life these hidden heroes in Singapore’s giving history,” said Melissa Kwee, CEO, NVPC. “15 Shorts is Singapore’s effort to pioneer film philanthropy as a powerful platform for social change, raising awareness and galvanising others to carry on our tradition of giving.” 
Daniel Yun, Director, Blue3Asia added, “Seeing the last five films of this project completed, and reflecting on how 15 directors of diverse backgrounds have come together – each going the extra mile to tell an inspiring story of a Singaporean from a bygone era, each making a dedication to a charity, and having this initiative inspire other short film projects, I am hopeful that 15 Shorts has made a long-lasting impact on the Singapore filmmaking landscape. Having over 8.6 million views to date, on both online and mainstream platforms, I am also hopeful the

younger generations will be able to see extraordinary good even in the most ordinary and simple deeds.”

Past stories in the series demonstrated how giving has always been a part of our Singapore DNA, and included Chai Yee Wei’s Sister, which features Sister Gerard Fernandez and delves into the lesser-known side of the Toa Payoh ritual murders in 1981; and Boo Junfeng’s Plague, a short film about health worker, Iris Verghese, who in the early days of the 1980s HIV/AIDs scare, gave comfort to those shunned by society.

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15 Shorts is a landmark film project that showcases lesser-told stories of everyday Singaporean heroes from the 1970s to the 1990s. The first-of-its-kind collaboration between NVPC, Blue3Asia and 15 local filmmakers, 15 Shorts hopes to remind Singaporeans of our giving spirit that has always been part of our identity as a nation.

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