SG Cares is a national movement to support the efforts in building a more caring & inclusive home for all.


    Imagine a Singapore where you and I actively play a part to reach out to those who need help. Imagine a Singapore where all of us come together to support one another in diversity. Imagine a Singapore where everyone is empowered to make a difference.

    SG Cares came about after the SGfuture engagement sessions. From the sessions, many concerned Singaporeans expressed the desire to do more for those who need help. SG Cares hopes to find a way to harness the immense goodwill, and better address needs

    SG Cares is a national movement to support the efforts in building a more caring and inclusive home for all, through everyday acts of consideration and care, active volunteerism and organizing groundup efforts.


  • Individuals

    Individuals who wish to champion a good cause or volunteer are empowered to do so
  • Corporates

    Organsations who care and want to give back to the community
  • Schools

    Education Institutions and Youths who shape the future of our giving
  • Non-profit Organisations

    Non-profit organisations who selflessly serve various needs in our community
  • Public Sector Agencies

    Public Sector Agencies who strive to make Singapore a better place for all


Join the movement.

Big changes come from little steps. Download the SG Cares app today to have volunteering opportunities and inspiring stories at your fingertips!

Available at:

http://bit.ly/SGCaresiOS (for iOS users)
http://bit.ly/SGCaresAndroid (for Android users)

Small Acts of Kindness

Kindness in is everyone. We aspire to inspire graciousness one kind act at a time.

  • Start now by doing an act of kindness for a fellow neighbour, friend or colleague.
  • Go a step further by sharing your experience on social media and tagging your friends under #DaretoCare, #MakeSomeOnesDay
  • Keep updated with Our Singapore Spirit and be heartened by stories of good deeds featured on Instagram @kindnesssg or read posts on The Pride.


Volunteer for causes that you believe in to help change lives and do good.

  • If you are an individual, visit Giving.sg to sign up and Volunteer
  • If you are an organisation looking for volunteer opportunities, contact us at SGCares@mccy.gov.sg
  • If you are a group or organisation looking for volunteers, create and post your opportunities on Giving.sg. For enquiries, contact hello@giving.sg.

Groundup Activities

Our ideas only get bigger and better when we work together. Start your own project, champion meaningful causes or rally a community built around a shared passion.

The SG Cares Logo

The SG Cares logo is for free use by anyone who wishes to be a part of the SG Cares movement in creating a caring and inclusive home. The logo and guidelines for use can be downloaded at Singapore Cares.