For para-swimmer Theresa Goh, who snagged a bronze medal at last year’s Paralympics, it’s not medals but besting herself that motivates her.

Be brave, Be kind. Be yourself

THERESA GOHParalympic medallist

When did you win your first gold medal and how did you feel at the time?

Probably in 1999 in Singapore. I participated in my first local meet and won a couple of medals. It definitely made me feel pretty awesome to achieve something in my first meet.

But along the way, my coaches taught me that it wasn’t the medals that made me want to do better, it was the desire to constantly do better than what I did yesterday.

How does it feel to be a stalwart of the Singapore Paralympic team?

It is a real privilege. I’m glad that I’m able to be in the position where opportunities are given to me. All I can do is to keep taking on those opportunities and hopefully make positive changes for disability sports in Singapore.

How has 2017 been for you far, and what’s up for the rest of the year?

It’s going by really quickly! I’m trying to explore new things and to keep doing better in training, but also remembering to slow down and spend time with loved ones and do what I love.

I’m definitely looking forward to the ASEAN Para Games in September. The 2015 Games in Singapore was unforgettable and I’m looking forward to my ninth ASEAN Para Games in Kuala Lumpur. wishes Theresa and all our para athletes the best for the 9th ASEAN Para Games. Go #TeamSingapore!