NVPC Corporate Giving Study 2017

By NVPC Knowledge & Insights Team  /
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The NVPC Corporate Giving Survey (CGS) is a study of volunteerism, philanthropy and other ways of giving among business corporations in Singapore.

Findings from the survey are intended for policy making and strategy development at government levels, corporates and by non-profit organisations. The outcomes of this study provide a better understanding of the corporate giving landscape, attitudes, and the corporate giving journey that business entities go through. CGS 2017 was commissioned by NVPC to global market research and consulting firm Ipsos Pte Ltd.

Key findings and opportunities

1. The integration of business and giving:

64% of corporate givers in Singapore have integrated their giving into business functions such as procurement (30%), marketing and branding (28%) and staff development (28%).

2. Leaders are pivotal to change:

Companies with senior management personally involved in giving were more likely to engage in regular giving (27%) compared to companies without (19%). They also had a higher median number of employee volunteers than those without.

3. Enable giving to be a new corporate cultural norm:

A corporate giving culture could motivate more staff to utilise pro-giving policies. While 30% of companies that engage in volunteering have paid volunteer leave policies, the median utilisation rate stands at only 25%.

4. Room to activate potential givers and unlock support for niche causes

52% of companies currently give, and a further 31% are keen to start. These potential givers also show a higher inclination than existing givers to support niche causes like animals, the environment, the terminally ill, inmates and substance abusers.