Come Oct 24, will unveil its new look, along with new features to make your giving experience a better one. Here’s a sneak preview of our 6 favourite new features!

1. New Look.


The platform is getting a facelift with a new design! Even our logo gets a spiffy new colour. We’ve improved our navigation and site layout, so you can expect a smoother journey from start to finish.

TLDR: Improved site navigation – it will be easier to find what you need – as well as improvements in design and interface.

2. Search function – upgraded and improved


We’re adding more filters to our search function, so that it’s easier for you to find the right volunteer opportunities, organisations and campaigns. You can even view campaigns started by other individuals in your search results.

Some new search filters and categories include:

  1. – Filtering volunteering opportunities by distance and town
  2. – Searching for ad-hoc or regular volunteering opportunities
  3. – Searching by opportunities that fit your group size (perfect for friends and family outings!)

TLDR: We supersized the Search to make it easier for you to search for donating, volunteering and fundraising campaign opportunities.

3. “Save” your favourite charity profiles, campaigns or volunteer opportunities


Opportunities that can be saved have been expanded from only charity profiles previously to campaigns or volunteer opportunities. Use your favourites as an inspiration board for future opportunities!

TLDR: The “favourite” function is now available for users and groups to add their favourite charities and pages on the site. Use it for quicker access or simply inspiration.

4. New wish list section for charities


You can now give more than just money or time to your favourite charities. We’ve included a new feature for charities to share items they need, such as kitchen appliances, toys and games. You can find this on their profile page.

TLDR: You can now find out what items charities need. Say yes to meeting their needs in more ways!

5. New Groups module


Become a member of your favourite ground-up movement or organisation and gain access to their members-only events.

We all know that giving is more fun when multiplied. You can now connect with a group on and view members-only content such as volunteer activities and private fundraising campaigns. This isn’t just for ground-up movements! Corporates can also choose to go private and invite their staff to be members. So why not get your company involved?

TLDR: Have your own ground-up movement or belong to an organisation? Simply use the Groups function to stay connected with your volunteer squad, host private volunteering activities and fundraise together.

6. Dashboards


Now, you can see your Giving journey unfold with us.

Data visualisation will be available for individuals, charities and corporates, and more in-depth insights into donor and volunteer behavior will be shown with this new feature. You can even see how your giving journey fares against giving heroes of the same age group in terms of volunteer hours and campaigns raised!

TLDR: New dashboards to help you track your giving journey. Nuff said.