New and improved introduces analytics to empower Singaporeans to give better

Refreshed website is part of NVPC’s strategic plan to develop into an intelligent platform that will promote informed giving and play an integral part in Singapore’s giving ecosystem.

Singapore, 24 October 2017 –, Singapore’s integrated giving portal, has been refreshed with an eye-catching new interface and improved functions to help individuals, interest groups and corporates better their giving journeys.  Powered by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) now boasts a more engaging user experience with a sleeker design, enhanced search and saving capabilities, smart filters, as well as customised dashboards with insights to help users track their giving efforts. The introduced functions will make giving easier and more seamless. 

Andy Sim, Director of Digital Innovation, NVPC, says, “We embarked on this ambitious plan two years ago with the launch of as a one-stop portal to make giving simple and safe for individual Singaporeans. We strongly believe that giving is more fun when multiplied and that’s why the refreshed is about supporting groups, namely private companies, schools and ground-up movements to give their time, talent and treasure to their chosen causes.

He adds, “Today’s world is increasingly data-driven and it is important for the social sector to move in a similar direction. One of the key new features we are extremely proud to introduce is a new giving Dashboard feature which makes it easy for everyone to use data to track their giving efforts and benchmark it against their peers. is an example of how we can leverage on technology to promote informed giving and build a caring, compassionate and inclusive society.”’s new and improved features include:

1.  Dashboards:  Insights into giving data

With the dashboards function, charities, corporates, groups and individuals can gain deeper insights through data visualisation on donor and volunteer behavior. They can get an in-depth view of their donations, campaigns and volunteering activities, as well as how they compare with organisations or groups of the same size.  

Individuals can track their giving goals and milestones, namely, how much they have donated, fundraised and the number of hours volunteered, and compare it to their peers.  

For corporates, it will aid them in understanding their giving patterns better, assess the efficacy of their existing campaigns, and steer the direction of their CSR programmes to better suit their business goals. Charities can use the statistics to analyse giving patterns across time and demographics to better tailor their strategies for volunteer recruitment and outreach specific to their causes.

The dashboard statistics help track:  

  • Donations: Corporates and individuals can keep track of their donations.
  • The amount raised for charities: Corporates and individuals can track how close their campaigns have been to hitting their targets. This can help them plan future campaign targets.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Charities and corporates can track the volunteering opportunities they have organised. This can help them plan future activities.
  • Volunteers: Charities and corporates can track how active their volunteers are, which aids them with volunteer engagement.
  • Causes: Corporates can track which causes their members or staff are passionate about. This can help them engage them better.

2. Customised search and save functions

An expanded range of filters have been added to the search function to ease users in their process of finding suitable volunteer opportunities, interest groups, and fundraising campaigns. Some of the new filtering options include:  

  • Filtering by distance and town
  • Search function for ad-hoc or regular volunteering opportunities
  • Search function for opportunities for varying group sizes (small or large) 

In addition, users can now save campaigns and volunteer opportunities as favourites for quicker access, or even as an inspiration board for future opportunities.

3. New Wish List Section for Charities

A new Wish List feature enables donations-in-kind. It allows charities to specify items that they need on their profile page. Users and groups who have these items can then contact the charities directly to donate them.

4. Create private campaigns

Organisations and groups can now choose to make their profiles, fundraising campaigns and volunteering activities private, for members only.  This means CSR managers can create exclusive volunteering opportunities for their staff with their preferred charity.

5. New Groups Module

The Groups Module allows givers to connect with like-minded individuals to form interest groups and view members-only content, volunteer activities and private fundraising campaigns. With this, corporates can also create public and/or private groups to rally interested staff to participate in curated member-only activities that the organisation is passionate about. currently houses over 470 charities and 121,000 registered users. The platform does not charge any membership, except for a 1.5 percent online transaction fee on donations, making it the most cost effective online donation platform in Singapore.

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