In this photo feature by Imaginem, we aim to uncover some special moments behind the community, elderly, children and migrant worker causes.

Ever wondered about the role that photography plays in our life? An image tells a thousand words, and the medium often convey emotions that mere words sometimes can’t deliver. Humanist Photography, or simply, capturing human experiences into the photos one takes, is something that Jia Quan (31) believes strongly in.

Eight years back, due to a brain cyst, Jia Quan’s lower limbs were affected, and doctors told him that he had a 15% chance of recovery. Despite the odds stacked against him, he gave his best to overcame these challenges, went through physical therapy and was able to walk again.

This unique experience enabled him to see life from a different perspective and spurred him to start a social enterprise for photography called Imaginem. They work with people from all walks of life, be it differently-abled persons, youths at risk, ex-offenders or even the occasional influencer photographer. He believes in using the power of photography to raise awareness for causes he believes in.

We showcase some of his favourite causes in visuals below.


” Earlier this year, Imaginem worked with The Salvation Army to produce an emotive photo series. We are thankful to have learnt more about this cause and to use photos as a medium to tell a story about these special ones and raise awareness. “


” All of our photos are entirely in black and white. Many of asked us why the black and white medium? Black and white medium helps viewers to focus on the stories behind the photos, and it will remove the distraction of colours. “


” Happy 1st year anniversary to Food Rescue Singapore! We joined this particular food rescue to document their journey visually. “


” Capturing the moments of life is what we believe in. “


“Featuring children from KidzCare from Kaki Bukit CC, a centre that believes in breaking the poverty cycle one child at a time.”


” We held a photography walk for the community, themed ‘Friendship beyond borders’, and paired the most unlikely people together to learn about photography and Singapore’s history together. Everyone had a good time. “

Special thanks to Imaginem and the fellow photographers for their pictures:
Photo 1: Louis Ng Kok Kwang and AikBeng Chia
Photos 2-5: Photo Courtesy of Soloman Goh