Local Film-makers Unearth Real-life Stories from Singapore’s Past to Inspire Singaporeans to Give

To celebrate Singapore’s past to inspire our future, “15 Shorts” continues to inspire Singapore.


To celebrate Singapore’s past to inspire our future, “15 Shorts” continues to inspire Singaporeans to witness the joy of giving, by partnering notable film-makers, Boo Junfeng, Chong Yu Lun, Kee Swee San, Chai Yee Wei and K. Rajagopal who share their talents for the greatest good.

Singapore, 29 November 2018 – Following the successful release of its first five short films, the inaugural “15 Shorts” premiered its second batch of local films inspired by true Singaporean stories, at Filmgarde Bugis+ today. A landmark film project between National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre(NVPC), local film company Blue3Asia and 15 Singaporean film-makers, “15 Shorts” showcases lesser-told stories of everyday Singaporean heroes from the 1970s to the 1990s, in support of 15 charities. Respective directors of the short films, Chong Yu Lun, Kee Swee San, Chai Yee Wei and K. Rajagopal discussed insights of their film journey, alongside some 350 film subjects, social leaders, donors, community makers, and film enthusiasts. This first-of-its-kind collaboration hopes to remind Singaporeans of our giving spirit that has always been part of our identity as a nation, and aims to raise awareness on critical and emergent social issues.

Coinciding with World AIDS Day on 1 December, and Giving Week (the week-long national giving movement catalysed by NVPC), the first film to be publicly released is “Plague” by Boo Junfeng, dedicated to Action for Aids. It sheds light on social acceptance of infectious disease survivors (HIV/AIDS) and social discrimination against marginalised communities.

“15 Shorts celebrates courage and caring as part of our Singapore spirit. By telling these stories of courage and caring, our dream is to reveal other voices and share an alternate social history affirming that Singapore is not just a kiasu society or smart nation, but a giving nation and a #CityofGood,” said Melissa Kwee, Chief Executive Officer, NVPC. “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with some of Singapore’s finest creatives as they dedicate their passion and craft to uplift these hidden stories and champion the causes these stories uncover. Society changes when our highest and best talent serve our common good.”

Veteran film-maker and creator of “15 Shorts”, Daniel Yun said, “Reception to the first five films have been overwhelmingly positive. The coming together of directors from different ages, races, and backgrounds create a colourful diversity for telling stories from the seventies to the nineties. The art of storytelling in short films is taken to a new level with the next five film-makers who are impassioned and inspired by the real persons they are showcasing. I am very happy that all ten films will help add to the collective narrative of the Singapore story.”

Themes on critical and emergent social issues

These collective stories are a humble but deeply passionate attempt of a diverse intersection of film-makers, cause champions, donors and community leaders to delve into history and highlight ordinary citizens who exemplify what is and has always been true about the Singapore spirit; a spirit of determination, courage, kindness and sense of common cause despite the often divisive politics of race, class and creed.

This project is in support of SG Cares, a national movement to support efforts of ground-up volunteerism in Singapore, to build a more caring and inclusive home for all.

The following four films by Singapore’s notable film-makers, Chong Yu Lun (“Shanti”, dedicated to Mainly, I Love Kids fund), Kee Swee San (“Guilty”, dedicated to Boys’ Town), Chai Yee Wei (“Sister”, dedicated to 70×7, an initiative under Prison Fellowship Singapore), and K. Rajagopal (“The T(h)ree Lives”, dedicated to the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) will be rolled-out once every 2 weeks through traditional and online platforms, starting December 2018 through February 2019. At the end of each film, viewers will be encouraged to support, give time, money, share the film/cause to the dedicated charities, whose cause is in line with the theme of the film, via Giving.sg, Singapore’s national giving platform, powered by NVPC.

A common theme of the films is to raise awareness on social issues. Through these films, members of the public are encouraged to support the empowerment of children, youth from low-income families; visually impaired community; social integration of prisoners, ex-offenders and their families into our society; and learn more about reducing HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Singapore. Refer to the Appendix for the film synopses.

Public screening of the first five films of the “15 Shorts” initiative is available at the Singapore Sports Hub Library (4 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397697) over two weekends on 15-16, 22-23 December 2018. The films will also be screened at NomadX, Plaza Singapura and thanks to CapitaLand’s support towards NVPC as “Champions of Good”.

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About 15 Shorts

15 Shorts is a landmark film project that showcases lesser-told stories of everyday Singaporean heroes from the 1970s to the 1990s. The first-of-its-kind collaboration between NVPC,Blue3Asia and 15 local filmmakers, “15 Shorts” hopes to remind Singaporeans of our giving spirit that has always been part of our identity as a nation.

Visit us: www.15shorts.com

About Blue3Asia

Blue3Asia is founded by Daniel Yun, in partnership with YDM Global, part of a Korean digital media agency, to produce topical and engaging content for both traditional and online platforms across Asia. Their vision is to bring the best of the filmmaking world with the online world. To find new ground-breaking platforms that are viable, relevant and appealing. To uncover new filmmaking talents in an ever changing and evolving media landscape. Blue3Asia will also forge initiatives to start film and philanthropy collaborations with filmmakers, brands and media partners to advance the cause of bringing transformative change to the individual and society.

About Giving Week 2018

NVPC is catalysing Giving Week for the fourth year, from 27 November to 5 December 2018. Giving Week is a national movement that encourages everyone to give back. It includes two global celebrations, starting with the global day of giving (#GivingTuesday, 27 November) – a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration, and ending with International Volunteer Day (5 December). During this week, corporates, non-profits and individuals across Singapore come together to make a difference by supporting a charity of their choice through donating, volunteering and/or fundraising. Take action and support the movement, visit www.givingweek.sg