Volunteering as a trishaw peddler. Offsetting a daughter’s hospital bill. Sponsoring arts for low-income children. These are among the causes Giving Week would like you to discover.

Are you searching for a cause to support this year-end? Want to ensure that it is meaningful?

In conjunction with Giving Week (Dec 1-7), we have selected a range of heartwarming causes for you to check out. Hopefully you will find one that resonates with you!

Support families of chronically-ill kids

Above: Club Rainbow’s Council Member Ms Karen Tan and Deputy Executive Director Mr Teo Siang Loong with the children they support in performance arts development.

Having a chronic illness isn’t simply a medical issue. Going in and out of the hospital can affect a child’s self-esteem and take a toll on worried parents. That’s why Club Rainbow supports these families with what they call “compassionate services”: While hospitals provide medical care, Club Rainbow provides social work, therapy intervention, educational support, and even arts and vocational development to give chronically-ill kids and their families the best quality of life. Donate to Club Rainbow to support kids during their critical foundation years in arts and vocational development.

Sponsor meaningful trishaw rides for seniors

Above: Cycling Without Age volunteers pilot e-trishaws for low-income seniors.

Guess where the Cycling Without Age initiative started? Denmark! Singapore is the first country in Asia to open a Cycling Without Age chapter, with a focus on giving low-income seniors free trishaw rides. If you are an avid cyclist, you’ll understand how lovely it feels to have the wind in your hair. Cycling Without Age strives to recreate that feeling for the seniors – but on specially designed e-trishaws instead, which are piloted by trained volunteers and used in 8 locations around Singapore. The act of sharing stories between the passenger and the volunteer pilots can also improve well-being and combat social isolation for the seniors. Cycling Without Age is currently fundraising to train more volunteers to give trishaw rides to seniors.

Make the arts accessible to all

Above: Low-income children and their caretakers enjoy their sponsored day at the theatre!

After close to 20 years of championing home-grown theatre, local theatre company Wild Rice has finally found its home in Funan mall. On the agenda at this new venue is bringing the magic of theatre into the lives of every Singaporean, including children, youths, people living with disabilities and their caregivers. If you believe in the power of the arts to transform lives and make society more gracious, please consider contributing to Wild Rice’s fundraising drive. From as little as $65, you can gift an enriching and memorable experience to someone.

Support a patient in her recovery journey

Above: Dolly (left) when she was in her mid-thirties.

As part of Giving Week, Bright Vision Hospital is raising funds to help patients like Dolly, who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in 2005. For the past 11 years, her 82-year-old mother Madam Tham has tirelessly travelled to the hospital to visit Dolly daily. Instead of retiring comfortably, Madam Tham is currently working as a janitor to support the two of them. Donate to the hospital’s ‘Giving Hope, Enhancing Lives’ campaign to lend a helping hand.