Employers show their appreciation to their employees and beneficiaries on Labour Day.

Samsui believes in treating our employees like family and will be organising an overseas trip for them in May to celebrate Labour Day. To appreciate our beneficiaries, we will also be providing 1,000 meals to Mindvilles, Salvation Army and Peace Haven.

Director, Samsui Supplies & Services

I will be leading Greenpacers to Sydney from 29 April to 2 May, an annual affair that all Greenpacers are very much looking forward to. Greenpac regards this as one of the best ways to show appreciation to employees. During such company trips, colleagues from different departments who rarely get a chance to meet, can interact with each other. This will build and improve working relationships, and can even be an effective staff retention tool.

CEO, Greenpac

A simple thank you to your employees this Labour Day can go a long way in employee engagement and retention. Another good way to engage your employees? Through Corporate Giving of course! Samsui Supplies and Services and Greenpac regularly organise volunteering activities and other giving activities, making them each a Company of Good. Launched by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation Foundation, the Company of Good is a programme designed to help businesses give better.