Over half of Singapore companies are giving. Another 31% want to get started. Are you in?

How do I make the business case for corporate giving?
How do I get support for my ideas?
How do I inspire action?
How do I measure success?

If you are a corporate giving practitioner in Singapore, you may have grappled with these questions at one point or another in your journey. Find out the answer to these and more in It’s Just Good Business- A Corporate Giving Guide to Align Profit and Purpose.

Key insights from Corporate Giving Survey

Discover fresh insights from our Corporate Giving Survey (CGS) 2017, a nationally-representative study that looks at volunteerism, philanthropy and other ways of corporate giving in Singapore.

Corporate Giving Journey Roadmap

A key highlight in this book is NVPC’s proprietary corporate giving journey roadmap. It highlights typical pathways that companies in Singapore undertake.

Are you an Emerging Giver, who goes through the steady route with early quick wins? Or an Inspiring Giver, who make giving deep and strategic from the onset?

Anticipate the challenges you might face at each stage and learn practical tips from other companies who have gone through the journey.

Be a Corporate Giving champion wherever you are

Whether you are a CSR practitioner, a Human Resource executive, a Business Development honcho, or the Boss, this guide is designed for you to craft your own corporate giving journey. Psst… flip right to the end to find awesome giving opportunities for your team to give right away!