Jardine Matheson Group initiated its philanthropic outreach programme, Mindset Care Limited, in 2011, and has been supporting those suffering from mental illness through employment, fundraising and raising public awareness.

Jana (not her real name) had been suffering from depression for about six years when she found a temporary job as an administrative assistant at Jardine Engineering (Singapore), created as part of the group’s efforts to support mental health.

Not only did the placement allow her to find a new focus in life, giving her less time to dwell on negative thoughts, she eventually did so well that she was converted to a permanent employee in the company.

“Through my job, I found a new direction in life,” said the 33-year-old. “It afforded me the opportunity to strive for productivity in my work and to maintain good relationships with my colleagues.”

Jana is one of 87 people suffering from mental health disorders who have been placed on temporary jobs within the Jardine Matheson Group, since the behemoth started its philanthropic initiative Mindset Care Limited in Singapore in 2011.

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