We celebrate our Supergirls from this #CityofGood!

An art that inspires all ages


At a glance, Dani (centre) doesn’t look like she has anything in common with Peggy Ferroa (left) & Catherine Sng (right) but their passion for giving brought them together. The duo are part of The Glowers, a senior drama group that seeks to change aging stereotypes and promote an inclusive society. They performed at NVPC’s Giving Matters Forum which our research ninja, Dani helped to organise. After a full day with the Glowers, the inspiring duo left such a lasting impression on Dani that she exclaimed “when I grow up, I want to be like these two amazing ladies!”

No act of kindness is too small for her


Always armed with a beautiful smile and a quiet demeanour, Sherry Soon is anything but ordinary. She is the founder of Be Kind SG, a ground up that believes in small and practical acts of kindness for anyone to volunteer and contribute in. Her group has contributed in many activities local and overseas to bring joy in the simplest of actions.

Live life. Experience joy. Go beyond your comfort zone.


Founder, Be Kind SG

A mother to all


While she was a residential supervisor at Marymount Centre, Martha had good and bad days but she always made it a point to never stop loving every girl under her care as if they were her own nieces!

I have learnt more from the women and girls more than I ever imagined. Love conquers all.


Advocacy Manager/Counsellor at Marymount Centre

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Singapore’s very own Mother Teresa

Singapore’s very own Mother Teresa – Teresa Hsu, dedicated her life to caring for the poor. Not even retirement and age could stop her from giving back! At 86, she founded Heart-to-Heart Service, a non-profit, informal direct-help service and continued to help one needy person at a time till her death in 2011.

This film brings to life her story, and charts the turning points that shaped her relentless spirit of giving.

“If you don’t want your mother, I want a sister”


Founder of Heart-to-Heart Service