It’s Just Good Business: A Corporate Giving Guide

By NVPC Knowledge & Insights Team  /
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This guide is aimed at corporate giving practitioners who are new to corporate giving or intending to boost their corporate giving game.

According to NVPC’s Corporate Giving Survey 2017 (CGS), half of companies in Singapore are giving, and a further 31 per cent are keen to start. Companies realise that being good pays off, whether in boosting brand awareness, nurturing new markets, or winning talent.

Backed by NVPC’s CGS 2017, this guidebook aims to help you get started on corporate giving. We define the typical giving journey of a business, best practices and how to design initiatives that are both altruistic and strategic.

Discover the following key insights and practical tips that work in this guide:

Statistics giving

How do I make a business case for corporate giving?

61% of corporate givers in Singapore adopt more than one way of giving.
Top tips:

  • Share the business benefits of giving
  • Give what you do best
  • Define what you stand for

How do I get support for corporate giving?

64% of corporate givers incorporate giving into at least one business function.

Top tips:

  • Crowdsource Ideas from Colleagues
  • Turn ‘Hi-Pos’ into giving champions
  • Reward employees for their giving contributions
Corporate giving journey

How do I inspire action?

64% of corporate givers have senior management support and personal involvement.

Top tips:

  • Encourage Management to lead by example
  • Give during office hours
  • Collaborate to grow your impact

How do I measure impact?

Start with a simple Input-Output-Outcome-Impact framework.

Top tips:

  • Measure your impact against business and social goals
  • Use global impact measurement frameworks like SROI