Individual Giving Survey 2014 Findings

By NVPC Knowledge & Insights Team  /
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This survey measures individual giving in terms of volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore. Key objectives are to determine extent of individual giving of time and money, profile givers and study their behaviors and motivations, and inform policy.

Key Findings

  1. Total amount donated was $1.25 billion, a 14% rise from $1.1 billion in 2012;
  2. The average amount per donor was $379, just over $1 per day. In 2012, it was $312;
  3. Those who earned below $1,000 per month gave the highest proportion of their income: 2%;
  4. The proportion of volunteers who served monthly rose to 18% compared to 11% in 2012;
  5. Average volunteer hours grew to 93 hours per volunteer compared to 72 hours in 2012;
  6. The survey also shows a preference for giving money over time with 4 in 5 persons or 83% donated in past 12 months, while 1 in 5 persons or 17.8% volunteered in past 12 months.