IBM Singapore multiplies their corporate giving efforts through intentional collaboration and advocacy, enabling it to cultivate more sustainable and impactful giving programmes.

The Corporate Giving Survey 2015 – conducted by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and Community Chest – has found that the majority of companies in Singapore give back to the community. Four in five, or 78 per cent, to be exact, have given time, talent or money.

Ms Melissa Kwee, CEO of NVPC, says: “Ultimately, what we would like to see is the greatest talent and best resources being applied towards solving the most important challenges of our time. Whether it is addressing the root cause of the haze, the social isolation of the elderly, or coming up with healthier and safer food, these challenges require many minds and resources wrestling with the issue together to shift the status quo.”

As companies take the initiative to multiply their efforts through intentional collaboration and advocacy, they are on track to broadening and deepening their giving practices, cultivating more sustainable and impactful programmes.

This spirit of collaboration and advocacy is embodied in the corporate giving of IBM Singapore. . .

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