An online campaign leverages on the reach of the Internet and your online social network, and is one of the fastest ways of raising awareness for a cause.

Similar to Giving.sg, a one-stop portal for all givers, there are plenty of fundraising platforms available online. Almost all are mobile responsive, and with so many smartphone users, it is easier to give. 


It is one of the quickest, easiest and safest ways to give. Individuals can also tell a story at the same time and encourage others to give.1


You can donate with a click of a button, knowing that your money is going to the organization. Your information is also kept safe. Platforms like Giving.sg use a top-of-the-line ISO27001 security certified data centre.2


You can easily share the link with your family, friends and colleagues.


Each fundraising platform has their own simple steps to starting an online campaign. But here are some tips to start an effective campaign:

1. Pick a cause

There are nearly 2,000 registered charities in Singapore.

2. Be creative

Creative online campaign ideas include from giving up a birthday gift in exchange for a donation, an online auction/sale, or giving up coffee for a week. 

You can also do something adventurous, like organising a dance marathon or climbing a mountain.

3. Set a goal

Start with a realistic fundraising target, so that it is less intimidating for donors. Why not start with $1,000? Run your campaign for a set period of time, say two months, to create some sense of excitement and urgency among potential donors.

4. Tell a story

Share what your campaign is about, and who or what it will impact. Focus on how your campaign, with support from donors, will benefit your beneficiary.

5. Use visuals

Add pictures to your campaign page because it always makes a story more appealing. If you don’t have any, try creating your own campaign banner using free tools like Canva or Microsoft Paint.

6. Spread the word

Use social media to promote your campaign, but don’t rely on it completely. Emails can be more personal and impactful. You can also send the campaign link to your contacts.

7. Follow up

Let your supporters and donors know how the campaign did. Don’t forget to thank them for giving. You can also send them an impact report to show how their donations have made a difference.