Meet Hong Sen & Clare, Singapore’s youngest Guide Dog and Handler team as they set out to dispel myths about visual impairment.

Clare may look like any other Labrador but she is actually a working dog from Guide Dogs Singapore – a specially trained dog to assist the visually impaired. Her handler and best friend, Hong Sen was born with Retinal Dystrophy and although he has been blind his entire life, Hong Sen, who turns 22 this September didn’t always have a guide dog.

“Moving around with a guide dog is very different from using a cane”, Hong Sen tells us. With a cane, persons with visual impairment relies on one’s self to get around. However with a guide dog, one has to let go and trust in the dog’s ability to guide him or her around. This trust doesn’t develop overnight but as the crew observed with Hong Sen and Clare, the bond between them is strong and goes beyond a working relationship.

When one of the video crew pointed out how well groomed Clare was, we found out that Hong Sen dedicates one hour each day to brushing Clare’s golden fur coat. What dedication and love he has for her!