NVPC partners the Singapore Business Federation Foundation to engage companies in more impactful and sustainable corporate giving.

Increasingly, companies in Singapore are keen to give back to the community in various forms, including but not limited to financial and in-kind donations, employee general and skills-based volunteering, pro-bono services, serving on non-profit boards and structured programmes to address a specific social need. 

Companies realise the immense benefits in contributing back to the community, from enhancing their brand equity and growing their social capital to developing a more motivated workforce. The Individual Giving Survey 2014 on Employee Volunteering conducted by NVPC revealed that half of Singapore’s employees expressed interest in volunteering through their employers.

NVPC, in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation Foundation (SBFF), has developed a flagship programme to engage companies on their giving journey. Launched in June 2016, the Company of Good programme will enable companies to understand their existing giving profiles, build their knowledge, capabilities and networks, as well as partner like-minded businesses to exchange ideas and give better.  

The Company of Good utilises a framework that defines good and holistic giving for businesses. In developing this framework, reference was taken from Point of Light’s Civic 50 in the United States and adapted for Singapore following several rounds of consultation with the business community and academies.

Company of Good framework

The four “I”s framework guides companies to give well and holistically:

INVESTMENT – how extensively and strategically a company gives

INTEGRATION – how giving is integrated with business functions and supports business interests

INSTITUTIONALISATION – how giving is supported by policies, systems and incentives

IMPACT – how mechanisms have been put in place to measure impact

Company of Good Quiz

Companies will receive a Giving Profile Report that highlights their strengths and areas of improvement by taking a simple five-minute quiz online. An Individual Benchmarking Report is also available for companies that would like to find out how they compare with the rest of the companies in Singapore.

Company of Good Resources

From the quiz esponses, companies will receive tailored resources and toolkits to help them give better in focused areas. Additionally, companies can sign up to gain access to a pool of giving resources and toolkits that range across different topics and levels of giving.   

Company of Good Network

Companies will meet, share experiences and collaborate with other companies to do good.  As part of the Company of Good Network, companies can apply to represent and advocate for corporate giving in Singapore and be given the exclusive permission to carry the Company of Good badge as part of their corporate identity.   

Find out more by emailing companyofgood@nvpc.org.sg.