A catering company boosts its business by integrating giving into its corporate culture.

The holy month of Ramadan is a spiritual and very personal time for Muslims when we focus on what is truly important. During this holy month of fasting, we are meant to be appreciative of our blessings and remember the less fortunate. Muslims are encouraged to act on this by donating to charity as a means to alleviate the suffering of the poor and purifying ourselves from greed.

The Messenger of Allah said: “Charity never decreases wealth. Rather, it increases it, it increases it, it increases it.”

So how does this approach translate to your work and your business? How do we bring the values of Islam into our companies all year round to influence a more moral economy?

Your business is a platform not just to earn money to provide for your families, but also to give back to society. Increasingly, companies in Singapore have become more interested in giving back. This has manifested in various ways, including financial and in-kind donations, employee volunteering, pro-bono services, and service on non-profit boards among others.

J’s Wok & Grill, for example, is a reputable catering and restaurant business in Singapore that believes in the mantra, “business with a heart, the profit for charity, a way for humanity.” Giving back is part of J’s Wok DNA. They regularly donate a portion of their proceeds to Jamiyah Singapore, an organisation that focuses on the welfare and development of the Muslim community. J’s Wok is a company that has integrated corporate giving into their business functions in a way that supports their business interest. This Ramadan, for example, J’s Wok is selling nasi ambng amal through a coupon system, with profits going to Jamiyah Singapore.

While giving is key to their business, J’s Wok does not rely on their charity to bring in sales. They remain competitive through their quality and low prices as well as their delivery service. Other ways they give throughout the year include offering discounts four days a week to people who play a social role in society, for example teachers, charity workers and civil servants.

J’s Wok is just one example of how a company can give back – there are endless ways you can integrate giving into your business model.If you want to find out how your company can do the same, join Company of GoodIt is a programme to guide companies on how to give better, and it enables businesses to understand their existing giving profiles, and build their knowledge and capabilities on holistic and impactful giving; and partner with like-minded businesses to exchange ideas to give better and collaborate.

Company of Good is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry, among other trade associations and chambers of commerce.

This article was first published in the June 2016 issue of the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s newsletter, BizVoice.