Company of Good, Activiste, believes the way to impact society is not through one-off giving activities but to have a multiplier effect, influencing positive change in society.

A lean team and scarce resources has not deterred branding agency and Company of Good, Activiste, from setting up its corporate giving arm, Activiste Impact!

Made up of activists by profession and creative performers by design, the team at Activiste has been working with non-profit organisations over the years to enhance their strategy and design, thereby empowering these organisations and helping them amplify their impact in society.

As a profit-driven company, Activiste approaches corporate giving from a low bono angle – only charging non-profit clients nominal fees for work done. As observed by the firm, the commitment level of non-profit organisations (NPOs) tends to be higher as they feel invested, resulting in clearer objectives and tighter timelines. The nominal fee also covers costs, allowing Activiste the capacity to handle multiple low bono cases each year.

Apart from driving positive change in society through low bono cases, working on such projects has also enriched employees on a personal level, exposing them to social issues and giving them power to transform uncomfortable truths into relatable messages with the aim of raise awareness among the general public.