This Children’s Day, give your kids a break from tuition centres because #LifeBeyondGrades.

Go on a play date at Playeum


Thinking outside the box can help your child go further in life but encouraging this isn’t easy. Your solution: Playeum, a play space that gives children the opportunity to tap on their inner creativity, bringing to life everyday materials such as toilet rolls, rubber tubes and plastic bottles. Besides creativity, open-ended play also helps children develop intrinsic qualities such as problem-solving skills and resourcefulness.

An afternoon at Playeum is sure to make one rethink what play truly means! The centre is open six days a week. Come down for a visit with your child or donate to sustain the playful work that Playeum is championing.

Volunteer at Blossom World Society


Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey¹ ranks Singapore as the Asian city with the highest quality of living and it’s certainly true most of us live comfortable lives. This has fuels our consumer-oriented mindset which has led to increased levels of apathy and self-centredness in today’s children.

How can we instead instil in our children values like compassion and empathy? Try volunteering as a family to give back to the less fortunate.

Blossom World Society’s annual Goodie Bag Distribution to needy families and elderly is one such opportunity. The distribution is held in the month leading up to Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa and is open to volunteers of all ages. Youths who are keen on giving back can also volunteer for their upcoming children’s camp this school holidays.

¹Business Times

Escape the concrete jungle with Ground Up Initiative


When was the last time you or your kids spared a thought for where the food on the table came from? Generously stocked supermarkets has given us no reason to think beyond that and food is now an entitlement to many.

A trip down to Ground-Up Initiative’s 2.6 hector farm, Kampung Kampus might just change that outlook. This 21st century ‘School of Life’ forges the lost connection between the Earth and the community around through the hands on experience of planting, watering, fertilising and more. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and your heart full.

Special thanks to Nicholas, our volunteer photographer, who shot some of the photos in this article!