5 months later, fellows graduate from the Company of Good Fellowship with new insights and friends to journey along one’s corporate giving efforts.

Heal the word, make it a better place. The positive change and impact that individual leaders can have in society is well documented and shared.

Now imagine, companies coming together to make the world a better place. Can you envision the extent of what we are able to create as Company of Good members?

Company of Good Fellowship brings together corporate executives and companies, propelling corporate giving to new heights. Last November, our pioneer batch of fellows graduated from the Company of Good Fellowship and are now armed with both practical skillsets and heart to create transformational change in their organisations.

Demonstrating their dedication and fervour to bring corporate giving to new heights, many of our fellows continued with their action projects even after the fellowship ended. One such project led by the fellows from Fullerton Health, MBS, Ksubaka and Twitter sought to raises awareness of the importance of mental health in Singapore.

Mental health is a rarely discussed topic in Singapore due to existing misconceptions, stigmas or ignorance regarding the issue. Yet one in ten people* in Singapore suffer from it. Especially in the workplace, employees are expected to be efficient and ‘on their best behaviour’. Ignorance and prejudice towards mental health is prevalent and many do not have an outlet to share their struggles, coping with such issues on their own.

Singapore Mental Health Study 2010

Mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression are commonly picked up by our doctors and we believe this program will benefit the larger community in terms of raising awareness of their own symptoms, and promote help seeking behavior early on.


General Manager, Fullerton Health Foundation & Board Secretary and Chief of Staff, Fullerton Health

Fullerton Health, MBS, Ksubaka and Twitter’s bold step towards allaying the stigma associated with mental health demonstrates the power companies can make on society when they collaborate through corporate giving.

This pilot is aimed to help Marina Bay Sands‘ HR team better understand the stress levels of employees and actively address employees’ well-being and morale. These statistics will help the HR team in their planning of policies specific to the needs and culture of the workforce.

Working together to harnessing the strengths and expertise that each fellow brought to the table paid off as the pilot run launched in time for Giving Week 2017. Ksubaka deployed its playSpot kiosk featuring an interactive whack-a-more experience around Marina Bay Sands to assess the stress level of MBS’ 10,000 strong workforce. Along with the kiosk, Fullerton Health wrote an informational brochure about mental health and Twitter spread awareness of this initiative by pushing out ads and promotional content.


The fellowship has definitely brought forth different expertise and valuable connections to the table to germinate and crystallise the idea into an actionable pilot.


Production Director, Ksubaka

Moving forward, the team will roll out the campaign to the public. In the month of January, the interactive experience will be available at Ksubaka’s playSpots network in Fairprice supermarkets. Discussions are also in place to replicate the campaign with Fullerton Health’s network of corporate clients from the second quarter of 2018 onwards.

On how the fellowship benefited them:

The fellowship program helped me understand the importance of leveraging our business’ own competitive advantages to more effectively and efficiently create a positive social movement.


General Manager, Fullerton Health Foundation & Board Secretary and Chief of Staff, Fullerton Health

Although our action project is still in progress, impact analysis from the perspective of cost impact to the companies who are executing the project has been especially enlightening for me, and in turn allows me to further appreciate the top management’s support in CSR initiatives.

CASSANDRA POONProduction Director, Ksubaka

This is just one of the many projects initiated by fellows from our inaugural batch. With the second round of fellowship currently in session, we look forward to more projects to come and seeing the ripple effect these projects make on the society we live in!

The fellowship might have ended but the friendships forged during the program will live on! Graduation has not meant goodbye as the fellows have been meeting up either at informal get-togethers or official events held by the Company of Good.

Jason Chuei hosted the fellows at Expedia’s office for the first informal meetup after graduation. Over brownies and beer, both the inaugural and current batch of fellows got to mingle and share their experiences in corporate giving.