During Giving Week 2016, four of our influencers share their thoughts on giving.


I think giving is something that is inbuilt, it’s something that’s in all of us and we just need to open that door a little bit, and not think about the end result. To me, it’s the greatest gift that you can give to other people, the most joyful impulse that you should always carry through.


host & advocate


I think in giving, in learning to understand the difference that you can make in somebody else’s life, in not talking so much but in actual doing, we will learn to better ourselves as people, and we will change that entire critical nature to one of positivity and optimism.


host, actor & storyteller


With social media nowadays, it’s just so easy for us to like and share an article. But what we really want to do is to encourage people to go out there, to volunteer, to put in the time and energy to give back and do good.


Fashion blogger


I’ve always lived by the ethos that every cent counts. Every minute, every second that you help someone also counts. You can never be in control of receiving something, but you can control what you give to others. And I believe if you do, somewhere down the line, something’s gonna come back to you.


Actor & TV host