From encouraging children to learn, to volunteering with animals, Uber Singapore’s driver-partners have become fervent champions for causes they believe in.

Last month, Uber launched Drivers for Change, their first ever corporate giving campaign that involved their driver-partners. They were invited to submit an application for a cause that they are passionate about. Causes were split into three broad categories: education and the arts, community development and health and public safety.

After submission, applications were narrowed down to the top four through a judging panel and a round of voting by Uber’s pool of driver-partners. Finally, Uber reached out to their riders (customers) to vote for their favourite cause. For every rider vote, Uber donated a dollar to the chosen cause.

We share the stories behind the winning driver-partners and their causes.

1) August Nathanael, 54 years old


Poverty affects every aspect of a child’s life. It limits their opportunities, puts their health at risk, and this is something that should be tackled.

AUGUST NATHANEALUber Driver-Partner for 1.5 years

August has always loved children. Having had a difficult childhood himself, he believes that the vulnerable need to be protected, and that’s why he chose to raise funds for Jamiyah Children’s Home, a home for underprivileged and less fortunate children. To him, it is important that their members are able to go to school and focus on building a future.

Through Drivers for Change, August raised $3,340 for Jamiyah Children’s Home.

2) Chua Choon Bok, 54 years old


Blessed with a heart of gold, Choon Bok is no stranger to giving. He’s been actively helping out in charities over his lifetime, both locally and regionally. Recently, he was so moved by Lee Ah Moi Old Age Home’s dedicated staff and volunteers that he started sending food twice a month to the home. He chose them as his charity for Drivers for Change, raising $3,284. He plans to use this to fund medical equipment, tools as well as facility upgrades for the home.

Fun fact: Choon Bok just started a “small and humble” orphanage in Indonesia, that houses and educates children in need!

3) Marhani Minhaj, 30+ years old


Animals are defenseless and neglected. I believe that living things should be treated fairly and equally


Uber Driver-Partner for 1 year

Marhani is a pet owner, lover of cats, and a volunteer at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). At first, she considered Cat Welfare Society as her chosen charity, but eventually decided that she wanted to create a bigger impact beyond helping only cats. Thus, she chose SPCA, which advocates the prevention of cruelty to all kinds of animals and birds. She raised $3,609, and hopes that this will go towards homestay and medical treatments for injured animals.

4) Kee Zi Yun, 32 years old


Supporting her friends who suffer from cancer made Zi Yun want to reach out to more cancer patients, particularly children. After all, no one wishes for their child to be sick. Thus began her volunteering journey with Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). Recently, she even shaved her head as part of their Hair for Hope campaign! In particular, Zi Yun believes that education remains important, no matter what the patient’s circumstances. She hopes that the $3,330 raised for CCF will improve these children’s lives by buying books, stationery, and learning materials to help them continue learning.