Need help streamlining CSR processes and events within your organisation? – your new best friend to the rescue!

I want … my corporate giving efforts to be driven by data.

The magic word that top executives love to hear: data! Whether it’s planning your next corporate giving initiative or tracking your giving journey over a period of time, is your perfect BFF.

Make your corporate giving count with the Corporate dashboard insights

Impact on business?

The dashboard gives insights into top causes that your employees are passionate about and helps you track how engaged employees are with the company’s corporate giving initiatives. On a macro level, the dashboard also tracks the company’s corporate giving journey in terms of donations, funds raised and volunteer hours clocked. Pie charts and time lines are a plus for reporting purposes.


  • Create campaigns that resonate with causes employees are interested in for better planning & engagement in volunteer opportunities.
  • Set benchmarks for corporate giving and track if those goals are met over time.
  • Get inspired by other similar sized companies’ corporate giving efforts

I want… to mobilise employees through team building activities.

Tired of doing the same old shebang for your team building activities? provides opportunities that fosters relationships within and beyond the organisation.

Keeping it Private Mode

Impact on business?

The private mode allows for the creation of internal campaigns such as socially-driven team bonding activities to mobilise employees, increase employee engagement and forge deeper bonds among employees.

Every employee who participates in corporate community engagement activities adds $2400 value to the company.​ This is a result of decreased turnover and increased employee engagement.


“Maximising the effectiveness of corporate volunteer programs,” presented during the Corporate Executive Board Leadership Council webinar, July 2014


Inter-department “games”.

  • A company-wide sports day is common but have you heard of a company-wide giving-back day? Pit various departments against each other in support of a charity of choice – raise as much money or volunteer hours for their chosen cause within a set time period to win the title of “Department with the biggest heart”.

Intra-department bonding activities.

  • Join a volunteer opportunity with your colleagues – gets team members out of the office and engages them in a socially impactful activity.

P.S. You can assign employees different roles e.g. Volunteer leader, Marcom/Fundraiser etc. View full list of roles here.

Discover a whole new world with our new & improved Search Function

Impact on business?

The search functions allow you to find volunteering opportunities by location or by skills (e.g. skills-based volunteering, pro-bono work). This facilitates the planning of relevant and convenient volunteering activities to increase participation and engagement of employees.


  • Spend lunch hour befriending and eating with seniors at an NPO near your office.
  • Marketing team spends an afternoon advising an NPO on their upcoming marketing campaign.

I want… to participate in alternative ways of corporate giving.

It’s not all about the money! There are creative ways to give back without being tied down by finances.

Grant a Charity’s Wish List today

Impact on business?

Make full use of your company assets especially those that will be thrown away or left idle during lull periods. Also, get your products noticed (aka product placement) by donating them to NPOs who have use them. Leveraging your company’s existing resources to meet NPOs’ needs is so much easier with the wishlist function!


  • Host a non-profit’s event at your restaurant outside operating hours.
  • Sponsor products for the swag bag at a charity’s fundraising gala.
  • Upgrading your office printer to the latest model? Donate your existing printer to a non-profit who’s been using a Xerox from the 90s!

Let’s go Public mode

Impact on Business?

Get your customers and partners involved with your campaigns. Once your campaign is on public mode, use the “Share” button to raise awareness for your fundraising initiatives and let others know what causes your company is passionate about. With over 200 available sharing platforms to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


  • Share your company profile page or specific campaign on your company social media page (e.g Facebook, LinkedIn etc)
  • Copy URL for use in your email newsletters