At Company of Good, we empower businesses in Singapore to give in strategic, sustainable


    People are the heart of every company. People want to work for companies that are socially responsible and buy from those that put goodness first. Their actions are what will create a Singapore where every organisation gives back one way or another.

    Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals. Rather, both are essential ingredients for long-term success. We help companies do good well, and benefit both business and the community while doing so.

    Access a myriad of corporate giving resources, connect with a community of like-minded business leaders and practitioners, network at our events and inspire other companies through good corporate giving practices.


  • Singapore-based companies

    Large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized ones operating in Singapore at any level or stage of giving, across any industries or sectors


Who should join Company of Good?

Are you new to corporate giving? Are you a CSR practitioner helping your company expand its corporate giving efforts?

To date, Company of Good has over 1,000 corporates comprising both large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized ones that have benefited from our giving resources, events and workshops. 

The 4 “I”s framework

Investment: How extensively and strategically a company gives

“Does your company give in more than one way that is aligned to its  vision and mission, strategy and/or nature of its business?”

IntegrationHow giving is integrated with business functions and supports business interests

“Does your business advocate a social cause or procure from charities?”

Institutionalisation: How giving is supported by policies, systems and incentives

“Does your company provide paid volunteer leave or recognise outstanding employee volunteers?”

Impact: How mechanisms have been put in place to measure impact

“Does your company set up processes to measure the input, output, outcome and impact of your giving?”

Champions of Good

Champions of Good is an annual recognition of companies that practise good corporate giving and are also committed to influencing and multiplying corporate giving in Singapore. 

A Champion of Good is a company that believes in giving back and advocating other companies to do their part to build and sustain a compassionate and collaborative society. Taking the initiative to lead, connect and influence fellow companies, a Champion of Good also looks for like-minded companies, intermediaries, and non-profits (NPOs) to enable their work. 

Champions of Good is part of NVPC’s Company of Good programme that exists to empower businesses to do good better. We work to catalyse a corporate giving movement through enhancing capability, advocacy and facilitating giving opportunities. 

Company of Good Fellowship

The Company of Good Fellowship seeks to develop a community of corporate leaders who will strengthen the ecosystem of giving in Singapore. Over five months, top talents will have opportunities to sharpen their business perspectives and build capability in leadership and corporate giving. 

At the end of the programme, fellows will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to: 

  • Influence stakeholders to integrate strategies that can benefit both the business and the  community.
  • Maximise performance in the workplace by developing processes that would engage and motivate employees through corporate giving.
  • Develop business strategies through holistic and sustainable corporate giving practices.

Company of Good Practitioners’ Network

Company of Good Practitioners’ Network creates a community of practice and support for corporate giving practitioners. Events such as corporate giving forums, networking sessions, workshops and roundtables help practitions plan more sustainable and impactful giving initiatives through peer sharing and input from expert speakers. 

One such event, The Giving Marketplace, brings together all things good within one space. It is a bustling marketplace filled with people doing good. Companies will have the opportunity to understand social issues, learn about micro-volunteering opportunities and form meaningful conversations through match-making sessions with NPOs. The inaugural run in March 2017 saw 135 match-making meetings completed. 

Also held previously was a dialogue session about corporate giving and the motivations of millennials. Millennials form a growing and integral part of today’s workforce, with two-thirds expressing the desire to leave their organisations by 2020. The session with Mr Lim Siong Guan, group president of GIC, Ms Seah Gek Choo, talent partner from Deloitte Singapore, and various millennial leaders explored how companies could better align with their employee’s aspirations and increase job satisfaction.           

Professionals who have work or interest related to corporate giving, and who would like to meet, discover and learn more about corporate giving best practices are welcome.

Interested in participating in The Giving Marketplace? Write to 


Business Leaders Giving Network

The Business Leaders Giving Network is for C-suite business leaders (chief executive officers/ chief operating officers, chief financial officers, managing directors, etc) to advocate for corporate giving and facilitate collaboration. 

Through engagement sessions such as hosted lunches, senior executives will get opportunities to engage in discussions on corporate giving issues and collaborate on giving initiatives such as charity adoption drives.

The Business Leaders Network provides content and thought leadership through the Company of Good framework. The framework promotes good corporate giving across four areas: Investment, Integration, Institutionalisation and Impact. 

The programme seeks to:

  • Inspire corporates to participate in strategic, sustainable, meaningful and impactful corporate giving activities
  • Enable those who have yet to give to embark on their giving journey, and empower existing givers and givers to become influencers and multipliers of giving.

Interested in participating in the Business Leaders Network? Write to